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Lost Ark Boss Rush Guide

Lost Ark has given us numerous ways to collect loots and resources. Chaos Dungeons, Una Tasks, Islands, you name it. But what if tell you that there’s this one place that gives your two-fold or maybe three-fold rewards than those places?


You’d call me insane but I’m serious and I want you to introduce me to Boss Rush.

Before you start wondering, I’ve already answered all the questions you might get in your mind about it (God, I feel like a psychic!). Just keep reading.

What is Boss Rush?

Boss Rush, or Trial Run (the official name of the event in the English version), is a Tier 2 endgame content where you get to face 15 different bosses in 15 different waves. Basically, it is a dungeon sort of activity but with high numbers of bosses and difficulty levels. With each wave completed the difficulty level gets tougher.


Some of the bosses are going to be totally new to you. Also, you might face some of the bosses you already defeated in the storyline.

You need to finish each boss within the set time limit. That’s the first complication in the Boss Rush. Either you defeat the boss within the time limit or you have to restart the whole run all over again. The time limits go something like this:

  • Wave 1 to 4 (1 Minute)
  • Wave 5 to 9 (1 Minute & 30 Seconds)
  • Wave 10 to 15 (2 Minutes & 30 Seconds)

As I already told you that the difficulty level will only get harder hence the survival is also going to be tougher as you move forward. If you die during the wave, you will get respawned but there’s a delay of a few seconds which will make it even more difficult for you to complete the wave within the time frame.

That’s why I advise you to enter the Boss Rush with a party or squad rather than entering alone. That way you can have the insurance that even if you die and respawn after a few seconds, your team will take care of the enemy and you won’t have to start from where you left. (Reminder: buying some Cheap Lost Ark Gold will help you gear up really soon. )

Requirement for Boss Rush

It’s not like you can enter the Boss Rush anytime and anywhere in the game. In fact, you need to qualify for certain criteria, per se, and only after that, you are allowed to put your foot inside Boss Rush. What are those criteria and what are the things you need to remember before entering? Let’s find out.


  • You must be at character level 50 or above.
  • You have to be at 812 item levels or higher if you want to enter the Boss rush event.
  • You must have one of the three entrance tickets to get permitted to enter the event. Will will get to them in a few seconds.
  • You must complete the “Advance Quest [Guide] Boss Rush” Quest after you reach level 50. If this [Guide] isn’t unlocked yet, that means you didn’t do the main quest of the North Vern i.e., Ealyn’s Quest. So go do that and then come back to unlock this [Guide].

These are the requirements or Critireas for entering the Boss Rush event. Now’s the time that we put some light on the things you need to know.

Once you enter the Boss Rush, there’s no way to change your Skillset, battle items, and equipment. So make sure to double-check everything and only then enter. Another thing is that you can not use potions inside the event, so no matter how bad you are injured, there’s no way to regain your HP.

That’s why always play safe and look at your HP while taking damages. However, you can revive your party member if he gets knocked out. This means that if you die you can ask your squad members to revive you so that you can get back to take down the boss. Another good reason to go with a party rather than going alone.


Latest Update: Now the Boss Rush has three modes called “Corridor of Silence”, “Corridor of Trials”, and “Corridor of the Sun”, as compared to the previous version and the Korean version which only has two “Hall of Silence” and “Hall of Sun”.

Also, you need to have an item level of 802 to enter the “Corridor of Silence”, and 1302 to enter the other two modes.

How to enter Boss Rush?

Entering the Boss rush is no big deal. As you can get access from every major city in Lost Ark. You need to go to the Cube or tower of that city and you’ll see a statue right there. That’s your entry point to the rush.


However, to enter the Boss Rush you’ll need entrance tickets. They can be earned as a reward from a few chaos dungeons, all of them must be of tier 2 though, and from your Una Dailies also. There’s also an unconventional way to earn them by exchanging them with currencies from the NPC at the North Vern, that too would require you to complete the level 50 and the Ealyn’s quest.

Rewards in Boss Rush

Rewards are the most (and only) generous part of the Boss Rush event. As we discussed Boss Rush has three modes, each mode gives different rewards and different experiences. We’re gonna list ‘em all and break down each reward stage by stage.


Corridor of Silence:

  • Stage 1-3: Life Leap Stone (2), Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 4-6: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 1, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 7-10: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 2, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 11-15: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 3, Eternity Essence Card

Corridor of the Sun & Corridor of Trial: 

  • Stage 1-5: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 1, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 6-8: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 2, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 9-10: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 3, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 11: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 4, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 12-14: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 5, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 15: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 6, Great Honor Leap Stone

Make sure you pick your Boss Rush Weekly quest from your Una Tasks and increase the reward even more.


I think we’ve covered everything about Lost Ark Boss Rush and I really hope that it helped you. If yes, then it served the purpose and made it happy. You can also turn to for some quick and safe Lost Ark Items. Alright then, I’m gonna go now and get back to my game and slash those bosses in the dungeons.