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3D Slot Games Characteristics That You Will Love

Playing slots are fast becoming the favorite pass time of many people. They are fun and thrilling, but also offer a fully immersive experience thanks to impressive graphics and sound effects.


In fact, slots have come a long way since they were introduced to society all the way back in 1895. Thanks to advances in technology, they are now more sophisticated and easier to play online casino slots than ever before.

Hi-Tech High Entertainment

Whilst the traditional fruit symbol, three reels slots, still exist, most now have up to five reels and animated bonus rounds. Themed slots are very popular too and usually use elements of famous movies and TV series in their gameplay. Even cartoons such as Top Cat, bring an air of nostalgia to players as treasures from their childhood are encapsulated in slot games.

There is still plenty of appetite for these games and all the famous software developers such as NetEnt are constantly developing new titles. Each game ups the stakes in the quality and graphics, to satisfy the demands of an audience that is used to quality in their entertainment.

3D Enhanced Slots

3D and entertainment goes hand in hand. In fact, it was only a matter of time before 3D was introduced into the slots gaming world. These games have been specially developed to cater to the online casino audience and those who prefer mobile gaming through Android and iOS devices.

The characteristics include enhanced graphics that offer a new gaming experience and more rewarding and entertaining bonus rounds. Whilst the 3D that accompanies slot games is not the same as you would find in movie theatres, it does bring an extra layer of detail to slot games making for a complete gaming experience.

The Playtech powered Marvel slots are a good example of what characteristics 3D slots bring to the table. There are stunning audio, animated bonus rounds and special features. Symbols come to life and characters burst from the screen, making every spin unique and visually entertaining.


The Age Of The Gods series of slots again created by Playtech also utilize 3D technology to great effect. These slots are all based on Greek myths and gods. They contain complex bonus rounds that feature individual gods that come to life. Age Of The Gods King Of Olympus has a bonus round that brings the god Zeus out of the screen. He uses lightning bolts to increase the win multiplier of your free spins up to 6x.

Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt is another great 3D slot that contains 3D enhanced features. The shifting reels are the best of the features and any winning bet line can trigger this. The reels shift one position to the right, adding a new reel on the left. This adds a growing multiplier that starts from 1x and goes to 5x.

Final Thoughts

With 3D set to improve further, this is the future of slots and what we are experiencing today has only touched the surface of its potential.


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