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More Thoughts From Me #8: I Still Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been out for awhile now. Many of my online friends have stopped playing the game. I still play the game though and won’t stop until a new Animal Crossing is released. Why? Time to discuss my Animal Crossing addiction with you!

Everyone in my house loves Animal Crossing. My dad has been playing Animal Crossing since the Gamecube version. My mom started playing the game with Wild World on the DS. I’ve been playing the series since the Gamecube version like my dad. We’ve played every version of Crossing and all of three of us still play New Leaf every single day (we’ve been playing it since the day it came out).

Many of our friends have given up on New Leaf. Why do we keep playing? Because we’re addicted to the series. We love creating our towns, becoming friends with the animals, doing favors, etc. And we won’t stop playing New Leaf until another Animal Crossing comes out!

I was hoping that Nintendo would do an Animal Crossing for the Wii U but that seems less likely all the time. I’m very disappointed by this. One of the big reasons I bought my Wii U was because of the potential for an Animal Crossing on the system. There’s just so much that Nintendo could do with the title on Wii U. Check out this video from youtuber The Bit Block! The video shows just one of the many things that Nintendo could do with a Wii U Crossing. I think it would be a shame if Animal Crossing for Wii U doesn’t happen. Nevertheless, I’ll get the next Animal Crossing no matter what system its on!

For now, though, I’m very happy playing New Leaf every day. I’m going to miss playing it whenever the new Animal Crossing comes out. Why not continue playing New Leaf even then? I’ve found out from past experience that its hard to keep up with more than one Animal Crossing game per day. Plus, its always hard moving back to the old graphics. I think New Leaf has the best Animal Crossing graphics yet. I’m sure the next game’s graphics will be even better!

If you’re still playing New Leaf and want to check out my town via the Dream Mansion, here’s my Dream code: 5900-2146-7366

Do you still play Animal Crossing New Leaf? If so, why? If not, why not?! And if you’ve never played the game before, what’s stopping you?

I’ll be back next week with something totally different. Take care.


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Daniel Fugate has wanted to be a writer since he was seven years old. He has a bachelor's degree in English and he's a huge Animal Crossing fan. The Wii U and 3DS are currently his favorite video game systems!

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