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EU May PlayStation Plus Titles Announced


It’s that time of the month again. Sony have announced the new PlayStation Plus games for May 2014, and this time around there’s more of a mixed bag. While April’s games introduced a few largely unwanted sports games, this coming month might seem a little underwhelming at first, especially if you’re the sort of person who only plays “adult” games. Still, five free games, and all of them worth checking out.

Firstly, the PlayStation 4 crowd that are desperate for Infamous and Killzone for free are going to remain disappointed (and they only have themselves to blame). This month’s game is Stick it to the Man, an interesting and rather unusual platformer that was released on PlayStation 3 last year. To add to the platforming fun, Japan Studio’s Puppeteer will be the main game on PS3. It’s rather good, although very stylized.

Also on PlayStation 3, Payday 2. Rob banks and try not to get yourself killed in this rather difficult co-op shooter. Again, it’s decent enough.

Vita gamers get Everybody’s Golf and Muramasa Rebirth. The former is a well-known Sony IP popular with just about everyone who can begin to stomach a golf game and the latter is a respected action-RPG. Both worth checking out if you’re interested in their respective genres.

Overall, there’s been a definite drop in the quality of the PlayStation Plus titles. It was rare, six months ago, that there wasn’t something to warrant your subscriptions and yet this month most comments on the PlayStation Blog are overwhelming negative, perhaps because Puppeteer’s seemingly “kiddy” nature. It’s still worth playing everything, but there’s definitely less “pop” than in previous outings.


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