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Super Smash Brothers 2014 – Preview

Super_smash_bros_01 Yesterday was the official Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. The goal was to lay the final foundations for both the 3DS and Wii U games before their launches in Summer 2014 and Winter 2014 respectively. Below is the full Nintendo Direct. Today we're going to look at what was announced.


Super Smash Direct Coming April 8th

mega man smash_690x388 The new Super Smash Bros. games look pretty great, but we’re still very much in the teasing part of their publicity. Every day a new picture is released that shows some small part of the title, and occasionally we’ll get something a little exciting or that hints at something bigger. It can be fun, but it’s arguably gone on a little too long. Nintendo agree, and are going to have something of an info blow-out this coming Tuesday. From the…


Wii U eShop Update Bringing GBA Titles

wii-u-eshop-options_129x129 Thursday marks the first releases of the previously promised Gameboy Advance games on the Wii U console.  The first titles are have been revealed, and if releases of this caliber continue, it should be a good move by Nintendo.  During the next store update, you can expect to get your hands on Mario and Luigi: Super Saga, Metroid Fusion, and Advance Wars.  3DS owners will be able to grab Super Monkey Ball 3D and Bubble Pop World. One can only…


New LEGO The Hobbit Trailer Released

lego-the-hobbit_690x355 While the Lord of the Rings franchise focussed on a small group of people changing the world in a big way, The Hobbit was more about the group (at least up to a point). This isn't something that's been lost on the team behind LEGO The Hobbit either, as they've added new ways for you to work together with your "buddies." Warner Brothers today released a new trailer showcasing these new abilities, and the importance of your group.


Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate coming to PS3, 360, Wii U

ArkhamBlackgate The 2.5D Metroidvania entry in the Batman Arkham city will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in April this year, Warner Brothers have announced. Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate was a handheld exclusive that took place after Arkham Origins and was set in - can you guess - Blackgate Prison. Blackmask, Joker and Penguin all want to cause trouble, and it's up to you as The Bat to sort it all out.


Nintendo Direct

nintendo_direct_logo_129x129 The Direct began with a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. The trailer has revealed the Little Mac from Punch Out will be a playable character in the game; it also appears as if a Punch Out boxing ring level may also be in the game. Many questioned if this game would ship this year, but Nintendo insists it will be available in 2014.


Nintendo Direct Announced for Tomorrow

Nintendo-Direct-Logo_690x431 Nintendo have announced that they'll be airing a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow, focussing on titles that'll be available by the end of Spring 2014. No further details have been released, but you can bet we'll get another long look at Donkey Kong, and maybe even a little about Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It'd be nice to learn something about Mario Golf as well, although that seems to have disappeared entirely at this point.


Watch Dogs Wii U Delayed

watchdogs-police-takedown-screenshot_690x387 After weeks of rumours about cancellations, Ubisoft have today confirmed that Watch Dogs Wii U is still on its way - although it won't be available until well after the other versions are released. In short: it'll be available after everybody who wants Watch Dogs already has had the chance to buy it.


Sonic Boom Series, Game Detailed

Sonic-Boom Sonic Boom was announced last year, along with a teaser image showing some crazy changes to the way Sonic and friends looked. Yesterday SEGA revealed more about the direction they're taking the Blue Blur, introducing a whole new Sonic Universe for a brand new CGI TV series, Nintendo-exclusive video game and toy line.


Ninjabee is Bringing World of Keflings to Wii U

A-World-of-Keflings-Logo_129x129 Ninjabee has a knack for making simple yet addicting games, and the Keflings franchise is no different. In A World of Keflings, you play as a giant who controls a village of little people, tasking them to collect specific resources - wool, wood, stone, precious gems - and use these resources to build houses, workshops, towers, etc. The game has an easy progression system built into it: you chop lumber which you bring to a sawmill; when the sawmill produces a board, you use the board in ...