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Nintendo responds on amiibo demand

amiibo-link Nintendo recently sent out a release which speaks to amiibo demand and the companies desire to make amiibo available to everyone.


Disney Infinity 3.0 to include Star Wars

d3star Disney Infinity 3.0 first leaked photos of Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Olaf from Frozen, and characters from Tron as well as characters from the new Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out". Today there are images showing Star Wars characters on the box art as well as the figures of Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars and Ahsoka from Clone Wars.


Can One Amazing Game Ruin Another Amazing Game

cities-xl-43 I firmly believe that one outstanding game can ruin another outstanding game, especially when talking about games that require a significant time investment. Few indie titles get missed because they are generally shorter. Thankfully, if two 'big' indie games launch in the same week they are short enough for me to enjoy both.


Yarn Yoshi amiibo Priced higher in UK

1394715907_yoshi-s-new-island3_790x474 Yarn Yoshi amiibo have gone up for preorder at retailers across the UK, and amiibo hunters may - or may not - be surprised at another price increase. At what point is price too high? For these particular figures, I'm not sure there is a price that is "too much."


Nintendo Titles you Don’t Want to Miss

Club-Nintendo We have had a wonderful relationship with Nintendo for well over a year now. They are great at answering questions, inviting us to events, and providing us with copies of games for review. Certain games are either free-to-play, meaning we don't need to wait for a review copy, or Nintendo simply doesn't have copies available for certain things.


Nintendo Direct: amiibo

image-1024x726 Today's Nintendo Direct shed a lot of light on the newest wave of amiibo, as well as other amiibo that will be launching later this year in conjunction with a number of games. Here are the highlights (courtesy of my viewing, and Nintendo of Canada's Press Release):


Club Nintendo Platinum and Gold awards

logo-cn If you are platinum, own a Wii U, and have never played Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, I believe that is a no brainer. On 3DS for Platinum members, Animal Crossing New Leaf is attractive, as is Mario Golf: World Tour. Gold members also get some interesting offers; although they are not all on the level of the Platinum offerings (for obvious reasons), there are still a ton of great options. What will you be getting?


Nintendo Direct 04-01-15

unnamed I was promised in the email from Nintendo of Canada that tomorrows Nintendo Direct was not an April Fools joke. The direct is aimed at updating games that Nintendo is working on, particularly those coming in 2015. A Nintendo Treehouse presentation is to follow outlining a 2015 Spring title.


New Wii U Zelda Title Delayed

LegendofZelda During a video posted on Facebook, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma announced that the newest Legend of Zelda game would be delayed. Although no release date was initially given when first announced, it was hoped that the game would get released during holiday 2015.


Captain Toad update uses Toad amiibo

wiiucaptaintoadpkgrpjpg-6e4713_160w Nintendo has update their wildly popular puzzle title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game to work with the new, and hard to find, Toad amiibo. Scanning Toad into the game will offer an extra challenge on each level throughout the game. A pixel Toad will appear on a wall somewhere in the level, and players are challenged with rotating the level, finding the Toad, and tapping on him using the stylus to complete the challenge.