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LEGO Dimensions Screenshots Surface

lego-dimensions-buttonjpg-782313_200x200 New screenshots have surfaced for LEGO Dimensions, showing of many of the environments that players will get to play through. At launch, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has stated that there will be 14 levels to play through with the starter package.


Big Nintendo Titles get Release Dates

Nintendo-Header_690x259 Things have been quiet in Nintendo Land this summer, but things will kick of early in September - at least in North America - with the launch of Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. A number of key Nintendo titles, however, lacked solid release dates, at least until today.


Pokken Tournament Coming to Wii U Spring 2016

pokken_tournament___wii_u_fan_cover_by_kira_sr-d7wr0de_200x231 Bandai Namco and the Pokemon Company teamed up a while back to launch Pokken Tournament into arcades. While most people figured it would come to console at some point, I think the majority had it pegged as a launch title for the Nintendo NX next year. Apparently this will not be the case. Today, Pokken Tournament was announced for Wii U with a Spring 2016 launch date.


New Splatoon Content Worth It

splatoonlogo If you've moved on from Splatoon it is time to go back. The August update added tons of new content to the game, but most importantly, the level cap was raised from 20 to 50. Overall, for free DLC, there really is not anything to dislike in this latest update.


Quiet Summer equals Big Fall? Nintendo Fans Hope So

Nintendo-WiiU-Preview_0015_DxO_690x460 Outside of Splatoon updates, Nintendo has done very little these past few months. Most people would come to the conclusion that their E3 press conference left a lot to be desired, and very little in way of new titles this summer has made few people forget that. Nintendo has had a disappointing Summer 2015, but this could mean bigger and better things this fall.


Big Splatoon Update on Wii U

splatoon Nintendo has been doing an excellent job providing updates for their most popular games. Outside of a few pricey additions to Super Smash Bros, they have done a better job than Sony or Microsoft in providing new game play for their fans at fair prices. Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros, Nintendo has been updating Splatoon with lots of new content.


Will Assassin’s Creed Fatigue Happen?

assassins-creed-3-image3_596x388 Assassin's Creed is undoubtedly one of the larger franchises in current video games, and can boast being one of the best AND one of the worst franchises to date. Most people were on board for Assassin's Creed when it first launched, and many praised it for the unique gameplay. Collecting flags - at least at that point - was a minor annoyance at best. Assassin's Creed was heralded by many as the next big thing.


Nintendo Summer Event: Mario Maker

Super-Mario-Maker When Nintendo does their post E3 event in Toronto, I always look forward to playing the big games that will be coming to market. Usually, the biggest games peak my interest early, but Mario Maker was something I needed to play to really appreciate.


Will Nintendo Turn Another Corner?

Nintendo-Header_690x259 The death of Satoru Iwata shocked the video game world. He was an innovator, and rarely ever settled for the norm. After Iwata became president of Nintendo in 2002, he brought about a new era of Nintendo devices. He experimented successfully with motion controlled games via the Wii, and brought a 2 screen handheld to market with outstanding results.


Nintendo of Canada Summer Event

nintendo-canada_200x200 Nintendo of Canada is once again hosting their post E3 Canadian showcase event today in Toronto. We will have hands on with many of the upcoming titles on Wii U and 3DS.