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Mario Tennis Coming November

mario_tennis_ultra_smash_logo_560x346 It has been a while since we got a really good Mario Tennis title on a Nintendo platform. The last release on 3DS was lackluster at best; Nintendo has the opportunity to redeem themselves this November with the release of Mario Tennis. I had the chance to play the game at a Nintendo E3 Media event in Toronto, Ontario and I can safely say that we might be getting the next best Mario sports title!


Skylanders amiibo A Sensational Idea

skylanders-figures When Reggie and Activision announced at E3 2015 that Nintendo characters were coming to Skylanders, I was fairly skeptical, especially since it was also announced that these characters would also be amiibo compatible. Now that I have the figures in my hands - thanks to Activision who saved me a lot of money (more on that later) - I can say my skeptism was unfounded. While I wish the characters modeled an amiibo more than a Skylander, the final figures are still excellent little toys that ...


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Launches today in North America

animal-crossing-happy-home-designer-675x338_690x346 Animal Crossing has a large, dedicated following. While we await the next true Animal Crossing game, Nintendo is wetting our appetites with a spin off title that tasks you with decorating the homes that our good friend, Tom Nook, sells. Will you be joining Nook's home selling team?


amiibo Cards Sold Out

amiibo-animal-crossing-cards_690x428 On the eve of the launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, it appears as if Animal Crossing amiibo cards are sold out at almost every retailer, and those that are not sold out will have limited stock. What I'm basically saying is: if you don't go get your copy of the game the second the store opens, there is a good chance you won't get any amiibo cards.


Mario Maker Levels Continue to Impress

smm_cover_129x129 If you find a free moment, go to YouTube and search Super Mario Maker. You are bound to get stuck in that "just one more video" cycle as you look through some of the amazing levels that have been uploaded so far. This week, Nintendo in Japan announced on Twitter that over one million Super Mario Maker levels have been uploaded for others to play. This is an amazing statistic.


Nintendo Names new CEO

nintendo-22_690x388 Nintendo Tokyo named their new CEO yesterday and it isn't really who many people would have expected. Tatsumi Kimishima will take over top duties at Nintendo, replacing fan favorite Satoru Iwata after Iwata suddenly passed a few weeks ago.


Super Mario Maker has Day 1 Update

smm_cover_129x129 If you read our Super Mario Maker review, you will see that we loved the game. It does almost everything right, and very VERY few things wrong. While it's less a game and more a giant creation tool, it will easily become on of the best games available on Wii U.


Amiibo Stands Coming Soon

pdp1_460x460 If you follow Games Reviews regularly, you will know we are big fans of most of PDP's products. While many people associate the company with headsets and controllers, they also manufacture a ton of accessories, primarily for the 3DS and Wii U.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Toys Top of the Class, Almost

Infinity-3.0_690x460 Toys-to-life games often take more time to fully review. Generally, content is almost always open ended - leaving reviewers wondering where to stop - and as a result, there is a lot to look at and experience. There is one thing, however, that is often overlooked in reviews when it comes to Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and amiibo: the look of the figures. Disney Infinity 3.0 provides the best character models yet in the Disney Infinity franchise


Disney Infinity 3.0 after 60 Minutes

disney-infinity-3.0-characters1 For the longest time, I often would determine my level of interest in a game after sixty minutes. Growing up, I rented a lot of video games, all of which had to pass the sixty minute test before I would buy it from the store. As a reviewer, I technically can't have a sixty minute barometer - I must review the entire game. However, I often still use my sixty minute rule, even if I plan to play the whole game. With the release of Disney Infinity, the the almost impossible ability to ...