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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Super Mario Odyssey Levels

If you've owned a Nintendo Switch for some time, you've likely played a fair bit of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo return to 3D Mario platform gaming. And the wait was definitely worth it, as Super Mario Odyssey was one of the best Mario games ever released. Captain Toad on Nintendo Switch really wanted to take advantage of that, so instead of having 4 levels from Super Mario 3D World - like on the Wii U - the Switch Captain Toad release has given us 4 Super Mario Odyssey levels instead, from the Cascade Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, and Sand Kingdom.

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Bomb Chicken Preview

Let me tell you the story about a chicken who can lay bombs instead of eggs. This chicken is crazy. It blows up enemies, walls, uses bombs to reach higher places, and solve puzzles. The story is called Bomb Chicken. In fact, its the story of a brand new indie game that just came out today. I received a review code for the game and I’ve been playing it. Let me tell you a bit more about this bombtastic game.…

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The Wardrobe for Nintendo Switch

You have died. You wake up as a skeleton living in a wardrobe in your old apartment. And you find out that its moving day. Unfortunately, you got separated from your wardrobe and need to get back into it so that you get moved too. Sounds simple right? Its a bit more complicated then you might think. To get back to the wardrobe, you’ll have to find items, combine items, use items on things, talk to people and things, and…

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Waking Violet

Waking Violet, out now on the Switch eshop, is a very interesting game. Its not a puzzle platformer, its just a puzzle game where you work your way through mazes. Thats the basic concept, but the game is a bit more complicated then that! Here is my review of Waking Violet for Nintendo Switch. Waking Violet is a very challenging  puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. In this game, you navigate Violet through devious levels full of tricky puzzles. These…

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Pode for the Nintendo Switch is a beautiful looking game. I knew that from the first time I saw the game in a Nintendo Direct. However, looks are not everything. Does Pode have fun gameplay to back up its wonderful graphics? Pode has great graphics. From the moment I started playing the game, I was stunned by the game’s fantastic level and character designs. I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on with the game’s story-there is no dialogue…

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You’re Never Alone In Pode for Nintendo Switch

The puzzle platformer genre never gets old in my opinion. It seems like some developer is always coming up with a unique and interesting new game for the genre. Pode is the newest puzzle platformer for the Nintendo Switch. The game is out today for the eshop. I got a review code of the game and have been playing it. My review isn’t ready yet, but I thought I’d give you a look into the world of Pode. Is this…

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Unlock! Escape Adventures Review

If you've never been to an Escape Room before, I strongly suggest getting a group of friends together and giving it a try. It is a fantastic experience for going out with friends, as well as a great teambuilding exercise for companies. For those who have tried an Escape Room, or just cannot find the time to get out to one, Unlock! Escape Adventures offers a very similar experience, but in the comfort of your own home. With multiple different adventures to choose from with a varying degree of difficulty, there is something for everyone! Let's dive in.

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Mario Party

Are Long Time Mario Party Fans Getting the Game They Want?

Mario Party is back, channeling the original titles focus of board game playing, and ditching the recent team concept. And I’m all for it! For a whole console generation now, Mario Party as a franchise has been on a steady decline. Both Mario Party 9 on the Nintendo Wii and Mario Party 10 on the Nintendo Wii U, ditched the concept of individual play, and instead put players together in a vehicle. For players who had been fans since Mario Party 1, this was a letdown, and enthusiasm for the franchise waned.

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Super Mario Party coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5

Super Mario Party will be landing on Nintendo Switch on October 5, and the game looks to be bigger and better than ever before. Here are a few things we learned from the brief trailer shown during the Nintendo Direct!

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You Just Had to Be There: Impressions from the Xbox E3 Briefing

Let me start by saying, having the opportunity to experience the XBOX briefing was amazing. Not only did they announce the acquisition of five studios, they also showed 50 games, 15 of which were “console exclusive”. Of course, console exclusive doesn’t make a game belong to Xbox, some may be on PC as well (e.g. PUBG), others may only be exclusive to XBOX for a limited time.

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