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Xbox One X Coverage: Rush – A Disney Pixar Adventure

Having kids in the house for the majority of the day means our Xbox One X coverage has to be pretty selective when they are around. Yesterday, the focus was on Disneyland Adventures enhanced in 4K on the Xbox One X; today, we are looking at another Disney property, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure. While both games are similar in their scope and audience, they do enough things differently, and have enough variety in franchises, to make them feel distinctly different. With both enhanced in 4K, they are both a no-brainer purchase for that young Disney fan in the family.

Collage of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, The Incredible, and Up Disney characters

It should be noted right away that as a Microsoft Play Anywhere title, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is available on both the Xbox One family of systems and the PC via Windows 10; accessing both versions only requires one download. Rush can also be played cooperatively, which was a huge bonus for my young family as I had a blast playing with boy my 7 year old and my 3 year old.

While Disneyland Adventures focuses on the Disney Parks and characters, Pixar brings in one of Disney’s later acquisitions; both games are doing things similarly – finding portals to enter worlds to play a series of mini games – but with two different sets of franchises. Disneyland Adventures, in my opinion, has the slight leg up on Rush as it incorporates an entire park for you to explore, but the hub world of Rush – a Pixar display in the middle, surrounded by all the worlds you can explore – works as well!

In Rush, you’ll be able to play in the following franchises: The Incredibles, Ratatouille, UP, Cars, Toy Story, and added for this release and not found in the 360 title, Finding Dory. Each world will have a number of different missions, and completing them all won’t take a long time. There are races in Cars, swimming through obstacles in Finding Dory, running around colourful, toy filled worlds in Toy Story, and much more. After each mission – where you will collect a set number of coins – you will be rewarded a bronze, silver, or gold medal, depending on your performance. Ultimately, replay ability will come for those looking to score all gold medals, across all the missions.

Going from Xbox 360 to Xbox One was already a huge improvement, and when trying this game on my Xbox One, and then my Xbox One X, there is a slight difference in the visuals and frame rate performance. Everything pops just a bit more on the Xbox One X, which you’d come to expect from the superior graphical performance capable by that machine; load times are also reduced on the Xbox One X, thanks to a faster processing power.

Overall, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is another great family title to add to your Xbox One X launch lineup, and while the visual upgrades aren’t likely to hit you across the head, the developers did a good job of making things ‘pop’ in 4K on Xbox One X!



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