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Mario and Luigi Superstar Sega + Bowser’s Minions – 3DS

Nintendo continues to roll out huge announcements, and if we have learned anything this week so far, it is that big announcements don’t necessarily need to be new IPs! One of the best Mario and Luigi games to have ever been released is coming back, new and improved, on the Nintendo 3DS. Get ready for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Sega + Bowser’s Minions!

A Superstar Saga rerelease on Nintendo 3DS was rumored a while back, but Nintendo has no confirmed it as it showed up during Nintendo Treehouse Live on the first day of streaming. Let’s give Nintendo credit here folks: it’s not just a simple remake to cash in. We will be getting update graphics, and an entire new story arch with the introduction of Bowser’s Minions!

In Bowser’s Minions, you take control of Captain Goomba who controls a group of baddies – which level up over time – to take on various battles, after which points and experience are awarded accordingly. There are also items that can be collected (beans) that will give you different advantages in upcoming battles. This new mode doesn’t seem thrown together to justify a full price, but rather something that has been crafted and created with love and time.

Checkout the video above for full gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse Live and let us know what you think of this rerelease on social media! We’d love to chat about it with you!

We are pretty excited for this new release on! Stay tuned for more on this, and everything Nintendo is doing at E3 2017!


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