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ID@Xbox Release for May 14-18

Here are this weeks ID@Xbox releases, which includes a fantastic title in Divinity: Original Sin 2! Be sure to check out that title, and all the others!


 cid:image007.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Descenders

Launching into Xbox Game Preview on May 15! Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary Descender?

Developer: RageSquid
Publisher: No More Robots
Release Date: May  15, 2018 à Launching into Xbox Game Preview
Price: $24.99


 cid:image013.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced dungeon crawler with an emphasis on dynamic magical combat. Quick movement and even quicker use of spells will allow you to chain spells together to unleash devastating combinations against your enemies! Unlock over 100 unique spells and discover powerful spell combinations! A wide variety of elemental spells allows you to create a hand best suited to your play style. Play solo or co-op!


Developer: Contingent99
Publisher: Humble Bundle
Release Date: May  15, 2018
Price: $15.99


 cid:image017.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Divinity: Original Sin 2

Launching into Xbox Game Preview on May 16! Gather your party. Master deep, tactical

combat. Join up to 3 other players—but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.

Developer: The Dragon Commanders
Publisher: Larian Studios
Release Date: May  16, 2018 à Launching into Xbox Game Preview
Price: $59.99


 cid:image019.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Lily’s Epic Quest for Hidden Gems

Embark on an epic puzzle quest full of adventure and exploration. Play as Lily, a young archeologist who enters in her grandfather’s footsteps in a quest for the ultimate treasure, fame and glory.


This puzzle adventure uses the 3-matching mechanics, known from games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled Blitz. By making combination of 3 or more items, Lily will be able to clear a path through different ground layers, in a search for rare Gems & Artifacts. To find the over 200 collectables our hero needs to explore 8 magic worlds and dig towards the center of the earth.

Developer: Studio Craft Development
Publisher: Studio Craft Development
Release Date: May  16, 2018
Price: $6.99


 cid:image021.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Boss 101

Create your own bosses to battle in this arcade action and adventure. Yep, there is a story as well as pure action modes for those who want to blast things. Explore worlds while you upgrade your tech and improve your base. Make new friends, adopt pets and even fly a kite.

Developer: Donley Time Foundation
Publisher: Donley Time Foundation
Release Date: May  18, 2018
Price: TBD


 cid:image023.jpg@01D3E850.6F6FEC30 Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers is a rogue-like deck-building RPG adventure. Create a hero and choose your path through the perilous Northern Valley as you battle to become a true Monster Slayer.

Developer: Nerdook
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Release Date: May  18, 2018
Price: $14.99


 cid:image001.png@01D3EDDE.81607020 Serious Sam: I Hate Running Backwards

I Hate Running Backwards is a never-ending adrenaline packed shoot’em down roguelite that puts the emphasis on destruction and fighting never ending waves of enemies while time traveling through procedurally generated worlds! Pick your character and blast away enemies with a high powered arsenal of shotguns, lasers, rocket launchers, singularity cannons and other weapons! Get stronger and earn perks to decimate challenging bosses along the way.

Developer: Devolver Digital
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: May  22, 2018
Price: $14.99


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