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Razer Huntsman Mini Review

Razer Huntsman Mini

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Release: January 1, 1970
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There is no doubt that Razer is one of if not THE biggest name in PC peripherals and that they have been pushing the envelope on gamer-oriented accessories for many years now. Even as the market appears to be saturated with new brands, Razer seems to be keeping its head down and marching steadily forward. The Razer Huntsman Mini is a great example of this – a keyboard with a form factor that is only 60% of a traditional keyboard, with the function row, home cluster, and numpad removed. Can Razer pack its big punch into such a small package? Let’s take a look!

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At first glance, the Razer Huntsman Mini might not look too impressive – after all it is missing not only your quality of life buttons that many keyboards include nowadays, but it is also lacking a function row, home cluster and number pad. However, what is also immediately apparent is that this keyboard is crafted with the same exceptional quality of all Razer keyboards, with its keycaps that never degrade or wear. This ensures that no matter how often or intensely you use your Huntsman, it will keep up with you!

After getting over how compact the keyboard is and enjoying the easily removable cable for tidy setup and teardown for a local LAN or other excursions, I quickly noticed that most of the buttons which appeared to be missing were in fact simply included as functions on the existing keys. The Razer Huntsman Mini really makes the most out of the space it does take by giving each key extra functionality in this manner.

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It’s small form-factor also means that there is a lot more room left on your desk for the rest of your gaming rig – I personally was able to adjust my microphone to a much better position one I freed up almost half of the space my keyboard took. This bonus to comfort really made a huge impact on my gaming sessions and is something seriously worth considering for your gaming setup! It is also worth noting that the Huntsman comes with a full array of Razer Chroma RGB lighting effects and presets, meaning you can show off your personal style easier than ever before.

As I mentioned, the quality of this keyboard is immediately evident. The entire family of Huntsman keyboards feature sturdy aluminum construction, detachable cables, doubleshot keycaps and Razer’s Optical Switches. All of the Huntsman keyboards are also compatible with Razer’s keycap upgrade system – allowing you to purchase an entire second set of keys in another colour for that next-level customization. Some of these sets also include a high-quality, braided coil cable that keeps your wires from tangling and looks very stylish to boot!

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At the end of the day, the Razer Huntsman Mini, and the entire Huntsman lineup, represent a nice step forward. Moving to a more modular, customizable system that allows each person to tailor their accessories to their personal needs while ensuring that they maintain an exceptional level of quality is something that one might expect from a brand like Razer, and I am pleased to say that they truly delivered.

If I could change one thing about the Huntsman Mini it would be to add extra grip to the bottom of it. I can get quite sweaty in my comp games (don’t @ me) and I have noticed that this keyboard has a tendency to shift slightly when used too vigourously. This is absolutely a minor point and my recommendation for those who see this as an issue would be to look at the full-size Huntsman instead, as it will have greater stability.

I am happy to recommend the Razer Huntsman family and in particular, the Huntsman Mini to anyone looking for a new gaming keyboard that they can easily transport to wherever life takes them.

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