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60 Seconds Review

60 Seconds

Release: December 18, 2017
Publisher: Robot Gentleman
Developer: Robot Gentleman
Genre: Adventure, Other, Simulation, Switch Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
7.5 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
7.5 - Audio

What if the atomic bomb was about to drop on you and everyone you loved? Hopefully you’d have a fallout shelter. And hopefully you’d have some plan as to what (and who) you’d need in that fallout shelter. Welcome to 60 Seconds for Nintendo Switch. You have 60 Seconds, grab what you can, and get to the shelter!

60 Seconds story is pretty simple: the atomic bomb is about to drop. In Classic mode, you can choose to go through an Atomic Drill (practice mode), Apocalypse mode (the whole game), Salvage, or Survival. My favorite mode here is the Apocalypse mode because you have to collect stuff and then live with those choices in the fallout shelter. You and your family will try to survive down there as long as you can. Some hard choices will be made. Its possible not everyone will survive…


There is also a Challenge mode where you are given a select set of items to collect and put into your fallout shelter before time runs out! This is a pretty tough mode (hey it is called Challenge mode!). I like it too.

As for 60 Seconds controls, they are not bad. I do wish the main character in 60 Seconds ran faster during collection mode but I guess thats part of what makes the game challenging. I also wish there was a bit more touch screen interaction during the fallout shelter survival mode.

60 Seconds is a pretty simple game in some ways, but simple doesn’t mean its easy. Challenge mode, especially, can be pretty tough. I like this game though and think thats its fun in small doses. It also has pretty good graphics!


The 3D animation in 60 Seconds is pretty good. The family, items, and house all look really good. There is also the static 2D image for Survival mode. Its good but I wish there had been some animation here. Together, both the 2D and 3D create a really neat looking game.

The music of 60 Seconds, meanwhile, is not as good as the rest of the game. The main theme at the start of the game is alright but after that, there really isn’t much in the way of music in this game. There are, however, some good sound effects like the air raid siren and the ticking of the clock. 60 Seconds, overall, is a very good game.


60 Seconds is the type of game that you pick up and play for a short time, play something else, and then think “Man, I’d like to play some more 60 Seconds.” This game is very good in small doses, especially when taking on the Challenge mode. If you need a good game to play every once and awhile, 60 Seconds is worth checking out. I enjoyed my time in the fallout shelter (I lived…sometimes…) and I think you’ll enjoy it too. Don’t forget to bring some water!

Thank you Robot Gentlemen for providing a review copy of this game. 60 Seconds is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop!



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