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Wargroove + Double Trouble DLC

Wargroove + Double Trouble DLC

Release: January 1, 1970
Genre: Adventure, Role-playing, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

At its core, Wargroove is very much a modern take on Advance Wars from back in the GBA days, while taking on a medieval fantasy setting vs modern military. But do NOT confuse this with a Fire Emblem game, it’s very much not that, and I welcome the change of pace as it’s been a long time since we’ve had something like this!

Here is the game description: Following the assassination of King Mercival II of Cherrystone by the High Vampire Sigrid of Felheim, Mercival’s young daughter Mercia is crowned queen and soon faces an invasion by the undead Felheim Legion. Despite early successes against hotheaded Felheim commander Ragna, the Legion’s numbers overwhelm Cherrystone’s defenses, and Valder, the Lord of Felheim and wielder of the Fell Gauntlet, drives Queen Mercia and her army into retreat. Mercia’s mentor, the royal mage Emeric, advises her to seek aid from Empress Tenri of the Heavensong Empire.

For those of you not familiar with how these types of games work, you are given grid based maps each objective based level and you have your army that move similar to chess pieces. Each can move different amounts of spaces, move differently, etc. As you strive to win each objective by battling, capturing and taking over the map while producing more units for your army is paramount.

The cast of characters on your side are delightful, each with their own unique voice acting, traits, and method of combat. This includes a very good Doggo Ceasar, one of my personal favorites. The story is interesting and direct, which is given additional charm by the villains who are very much over the top caricatures of like villains from the Saturday morning cartoon era, which is A LOT of fun.

Controls feel very smooth and intuitive, working very well playing on the switch with Joy-cons. There are even level editors so you can create your own experiences and campaigns! This was a VERY addicting experience from the start, and reminded me of the turn based games I use to play on my GameBoy Advance.

Now you may be saying…. Kevin, this game has been out for a long time, why are you just reviewing it now? Well there’s a good reason. Developer Chucklefish have just released some FREE DLC content to get people re-excited about this excellent game. Titled Double Trouble, here’s what it adds to the game:

Wargroove: Double Trouble is designed with co-op play in mind, adding a new story campaign that introduces 3 new Outlaw Commanders; the mighty Wulfar, troublemaker twins Errol and Orla, as well as the maleficent Vesper (seen below – more info about Vesper soon). After an unexpected kidnapping and some severe ransom demands, your group of rogues have no choice but to perform the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen…


Wargroove: Double Trouble introduces:

  • A brand new Co-Op Story Campaign (can be played couch co-op, online co-op or even solo)
  • 3 New Roguish Commanders
  • 2 New Units – Thieves & Riflemen!
  • New Arcade missions
  • Competitive online Quick Play maps, including some of the community’s most competitive maps as voted for by the Groove of War team
  • Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies – you can now also play custom campaigns online!
  • New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
  • Outlaw music tracks, composed by Phonetic Hero

If you own this game already, the new DLC is a great reason to go back and pick it up again, especially if you have someone to play it with. And if you don’t already have the game….well you should, and now you get even MORE for your money. I will remain quiet and spoiler free about the campaign they’ve added, only stating that it is just more of what makes this game so great in the first place, and in this case more is always better.



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