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Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch review

Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch

Release: June 29, 2018
Publisher: Bethesda Software
Developer: Panic Button - MachineGames
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Shooter, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.5 - Audio

I’ve written a lot about Wolfenstein 2 lately. You can check out my first impressions of the game here and my two preview articles here and here. But what do I think of the game overall? Where’s my full review of Wolfenstein 2?! My review is right here. Right now. You can check it out below.

Remember when I was talking about how movie-like Wolfenstein 2’s story was and how it brought something different to the Switch. I still think the game is different from anything else you’l find on the Switch (cursing, ultra violent, nudity)…however…

Wow. Wolfenstein 2’s storyline really went off the rails. No actually, this game got drunk, went off the rails, fell off a cliff, and bounced around a lot instead of dying. I have seen some pretty crazy video game storylines in the past, but I think Wolfenstein 2 might be in the running for the one of the craziest video game stories of all-time.

This is not a totally bad thing. The game starts out really well. It started out like a Man in the High Castle like situation where the nazis had basically won World War 2, taken over the U.S. and a resistence was still out there trying to defeat them. But along the way somewhere the writers of the story either realized that they were creating a video game story or they were told “hey, we need some weird stuff here” and gave in. First it was (spoiler), then it was (spoiler) and even crazier, maybe, (spoiler). And of course that bizarre subplot with (spoiler).

Hey I don’t want to give away the whole game in case you never played it on another system. It could happen. This was the first time I had ever played Wolfenstein 2. And despite how crazy the plot got, I still enjoyed it. I still had fun. Thats the main thing that counts. It didn’t hurt the Wolfenstein 2 had fun gameplay though!


The gameplay in Wolfenstein 2 is some of the best first person shooter gameplay I’ve seen in awhile. Yes, its better than Doom. Wolfenstein is fast, furious, provides a lot of powerful and fun guns to play with, and it controls really well.

If you’ve played a first person shooter before, you won’t have a hard time with Wolfenstein 2’s controls. The game is pretty straight foward with its analog and button controls. They work great and the game is ton of fun. There are motion controls too and I thought they were alright, but I prefered playing with the normal analog controls.

Wolfenstein 2 plays great in TV and portable modes. I played the game mostly in portable and enjoyed it a lot. It is, like most games on the Switch, easier to read all the menus if you’re playing it in portable mode. That said, Wolfenstein 2’s subtitles were still ultra small in handheld mode. I wish they had used a bigger font. Other than that, feel free to play this game on the TV or portable.

Wolfenstein 2 is single player only. There is no online or offline multiplayer. I know some people will not like that, but I think having no multiplayer in this game let the developers focus on making the single player great and they successed in that.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and like first person shooters, than Wolfenstein 2 is a must play. Panic Button did a great job porting the game to the Nintendo Switch and I hope they bring even more wonderful looking games to this system.


Wolfenstein 2 has some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch so far. The environments, characters, and items in this game are super detailed. Wolfenstein is impressive looking on TV and in portable mode. I’d say it looks best on TV, but you shouldn’t hestate playing it in handheld mode. Its just a great looking game no matter where you play it.

As for the game’s music, its pretty good overall. I was blown away by the game’s voice acting though. Wolfenstein 2 has a top notch voice acting cast. And the sound effects in this game are a blast too-literally!

Wolfenstein 2 is a fantastic port of a really great game. Yes, the storyline is completely nuts, but the game is a ton of fun.


Wolfenstein 2 on the Nintendo Switch is a really fun game. You can kill nazis on the go! If thats not enough for you then also consider that the game has a really wacky storyline that’ll surprise you, fun gameplay, a wonderful soundtrack, and more. Wolfenstein 2 also takes advantage of the system’s motion controls if thats something you’re interested in.

Wolfenstein 2 is a must buy if you love shooting stuff, especially nazis. Its fun and well put together. This and Doom and Skyrim have set the third party bar very high for the Nintendo Switch. I hope we see even more fantastic third party games on this system.

Thanks to Bethesda for providing a review code of this game! Wolfenstein 2 is now available via retail and in the Nintendo Switch eshop.



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