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Death Road to Canada Review

Death Road to Canada

Release: May 8, 2018
Developer: Rocketcat Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Switch Reviews


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

We all know that Canada is a wonderful place and its full of wonderful people. That is just a fact! And so it should be no surprise that when the zombie apocalypse hits, Canada is one of the few safe places in the world. Welcome to Death Road to Canada for Nintendo Switch. Its a tough journey to Canada. You’ll be fighting a lot of zombies. Are you ready? Is this a Death Road you want to take?


Death Road to Canada is such an odd game, but its also a ton of fun.

You start out by creating your own characters for this game and character creation is pretty easy to do. There are some really neat options for creating characters! The player can also just have the game create random characters for you to play as and some of those characters are pretty cool.

And then you go into the game. Death Road to Canada has randomly generated levels, so each time you play it you’ll get different results especially if you make different choices. There is a lot of reading in this game. Part of the game really plays out as a Text Adventure game. The fate of your characters is in your hands! Will you eat? Will you sleep? Will you raid that place that has a ‘bark’ banner or some hotel instead? The choices are yours and sometimes you’ll make a good choice and other times you’ll get everybody killed. No matter what you do, you’ll be seeing the words “You Died on the Death Road To Canada. Dang It” a lot.

Once you make a decision, you’ll either get more text or you’ll find yourself in an area full of zombies, searching for supplies and trying to survive!

The text adventure gameplay and action gameplay work together really well. The controls for Death Road to Canada are simple to use. Its too bad there is no (check on) touch controls to use for the text adventure sections but the button and analog controls work well for this game.

Death Road to Canada may sound weird and it is. The gameplay is so much fun though! The game has nice graphics too.


Death Road to Canada’s graphics are pixalated and old school on the surface, however there is so much detail in all of the environments in this game. Not only that but each environment is randomly generated and so you’ll never visit the exact same place no matter how many times you die and then go back into the game. Its really impressive. Also impressive: just how much pixalated blood and guts are in this game! Whew. Wow.

This game looks excellent in handheld mode and on the TV.

As for the game’s music, its really goofy! The music that plays during the action sequences is almost like old timey ragtime music. It gives the game an offbeat feel and I like it. The sound effects in this game are good too.

Death Road to Canada is a totally offbeat and fun game.


Death Road to Canada is a strange game and its also a really fun game too. There is so much replay value to this game. Every playthrough of this game is randomly genreated, so you’ll never know what levels, weapons, and people you’ll find. Death Road to Canada is a fun, addictive game.

Note: There is a bug related to Death Road to Canada at the moment. You can read about it here. I still think this game is well worth picking up and hopefully the bug will be patched soon!

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a review copy of this game. Death Road to Canada is out now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!




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