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Wireless Controllers a Welcome Addition to PDP’s Lineup

Performance Design Products has been creating fantastic Nintendo Switch controllers and accessories since the day the console launched, and we have been fortunate enough to review many of them here on the website. While we enjoyed the wired Fight Pads featuring iconic Nintendo characters, and the wired Faceoff controllers with swappable face plates, we always came back to one small point on each review – we really wish PDP had a wireless option.


We don’t want to take all the credit for PDPs latest launches, but we definitely want to take some of it. Thanks to our friends at PDP, we have been using both the Little Wireless Controller and the Wireless Faceoff Controller with our Nintendo Switch, and we are ready to tell you what we think!

Little Wireless Controller

It’s an odd name, for sure, but when you actually unbox the Little Wireless Controller you quickly realize the name fits the product. It is little. It is so small, in fact, that I can easily slide it into my pocket to take on the go. While this makes a great marketing campaign – and one that PDP has been pushing online – it’s not really that practical. I’m almost never actually going to stick this controller in my pocket. That thought doesn’t take anything away from the controller, however, because that little damn thing is wildly impressive.

While I’m not pushing it into my pockets, I am taking it on trips, and I can actually use a standard Nintendo Switch carrying case – either from PDP or their competition – and lay this controller on top and still zip the case shut. That’s a HUGE plus for me. On longer trips, I’m always taking my Elite Player Backpack from PDP, but when I’m heading somewhere overnight, or over to my parents for dinner, I don’t want to pack up an entire backpack. In these situations, the compact size of the Little Wireless Controller trumps every other controller in my collection. That’s a pretty big statement, as we own many.


That being said, even at home, both myself, my wife, and my kids enjoy using this controller, whether it’s long Mario Kart sessions as a family, or diving into the latest DLC for Pokemon Sword, the Crown Tundra. The buttons feel fantastic, and even without the bumps on the back to conform to my hands, it still feels very comfortable to use, both for short and long gaming sessions. My biggest beef with many controllers is the triggers – they are either too clicky or not clicky enough – but these seem to almost hit the sweet spot (perhaps a bit to clicky for my liking). But there is one thing I like above all else with PDP controllers – they are friggen sturdy as heck. My kids have used and abused plenty of PDP accessories over the years – sorry PDP! – but I’ve yet to classify anything we have gotten from them as beyond use.

Did we mention a 40 hour battery life?

Wireless Faceoff Controller

The Wireless Faceoff Controller has more of a traditional controller feel and form factor, which makes it great for playing games around the house. It is substantially heavier than the traditional Nintendo Pro Controllers, but that isn’t really a make or break factor. Some people like their controllers with some weight, others don’t. It’s a personal preference thing.

Everything we said about the Little Wireless Controller above applies here as well. Fantastic feeling buttons and sticks, bumpers and triggers are great, and the build is sturdy as ever. Of course, the Faceoff Controller can be transformed with sold-separately packs. These packs can be used on both the wireless and wired version of this controller, so if you already have some lying around, you can use them again here.

The back customization triggers are also included in this wireless design. While I’ve never been one to use these additional buttons, fans of PDP controllers absolutely love them, and I’m glad to see them continue the support here.

The Wireless Faceoff Controller will be available on October 29th, 2020 – you can find out more on!





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