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Creative Pebble Speakers a Great Value

Creative Pebble Speakers a Great Value

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Speakers and headsets under 50 dollars are rarely good, and if you told me I was about to review a 29.99 pair of computer speakers, I would have instantly assumed they would be a just a tad above complete trash. With the Creative name behind them, however, I was really intrigued, and jumped at the opportunity to review them! So how well do $30 speakers preform? Let’s take a look.

What I instantly like about the Creative Pebble Speakers are that they are small and unassuming. They aren’t flashy, and won’t be used in a high tech setup, but for personal use on a home computer they tucked nicely away beside the monitor – or in the case of my setup, both fit nicely below my elevated screen. They do their job, and they do their job well, because the first time I cranked some music through those itty bitty $30 speakers, I was shocked by what I heard.

We aren’t talking about real surround sound, nor even virtual surround sound. But we are getting quality, that I would expect to pay 50-60 dollars for, but instead am paying $30. And ultimately, that is the highest praise I can give these little speakers. You will NOT get better quality on the market right now, for this price. I think Creative is a bit wacky giving these away at $30, when they could honestly charge a fair bit more.

The Pebble speakers are available in black or white, both of which look great with any computer setup. The company said the design aesthetics were to mimic that of a Japanese zen garden, and they definitely delivered, both in terms of the name and the design…a pebble. Regardless of the size, the audio is impressive, with great clear highs, and smooth bass tones that, in cheaper sets, are often muddied.

For under $30, this is an above average product, one that could demand much more on the market. Thankfully, Creative has allowed consumers to get a great audio experience in their home, for a steal. Whether listening to music, playing video games, or watching movies, these speakers do a phenomenal job. The only downside is that the speakers do not support Bluetooth audio, but for $30, that shouldn’t come as a surprise or major omission to anyone.

Will they rival a multi-100 sound system? No. Will they rival a multi-100 headset? No. Is it better than headsets and speakers in-and-around 100.00? Most definitely, and it’s a product you shouldn’t ignore.


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