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Use Vita as controller in upcoming PS3 game

Superfrog HD, coming to Vita and PS3 next week will include the ability to use your Vita as a controller.


The remake of the 1993 classic SuperFrog by Team17 will bring more than just upgraded visuals and trophy support. Included in the cross-buy title is the ability to use your Vita as a controller to find hidden secrets otherwise left uncovered.

Cross-Controller Support – Play on your PS3™ system using the PS Vita as a controller to gain an advantage as secrets are displayed on the PS Vita’s screen. Why not try going through one of the portals on PS3™ and watch as Superfrog is transported to a hidden area you can then access on your PS Vita!

While this may not be a first time both systems share the same screen (Guacamelee on PS3 could be played using the Vita with a bit of finicking with your connection settings) this is the first time a game is specifically developed with that feature in mind. Jump through a portal on your PS3 and Superfrog will land on your Vita screen ready to find many of the games secrets exclusive to Vita owners.

President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Shuhei Yoshida yesterday tweeted that PSV will only be used as a controller on PS4 if developers allow it. Team17 may have set the trend for what may turn out to be the ‘next big thing’.

Suddenly, the WiiU doesn’t seem so special anymore.

Be sure to try it out when the game releases on July 31st.


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