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The Dragon Quest Story in Builders 2

Previously, I told you some about Dragon Quest Builders 2 in general and then spotlighted the game’s online sharing too. This time, I want to talk a little bit about the game’s story mode.


The first Dragon Quest Builders wasn’t really focused on its story. It was much more focused on building. There was even an extra mode, Create Mode, that was all for building stuff.

Meanwhile, the second game focuses on the story right from the start and introduces you to new characters as soon as its done with the tutorial. These new characters are much more important than the characters in the first game. Malroth, for instance, is your constant companion and also (spoiler).

The world of DQB2 feels more alive than the first game. The characters you meet are much more interesting and the back story, including a mysterious monster cult, that unfolds as you go will have you on the edge of your seat. Builders 2 is clearly more of a Dragon Quest game than the first.

A large focus of the game isĀ  still on building things, but the goals you are given in this game are very clear. There are also secret things around every corner and much like a Dragon Quest game, you take on a side quest or just go off to level your characters up! You even end up going to different islands via a world map, though the map is static and not open world.

I’m glad that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is closer to what we’d expect in a Dragon Quest game. The first game felt like Minecraft with Dragon Quest elements, this game feels like Dragon Quest with a little bit of Minecraft DNA. Both are good games, but Dragon Quest Builders 2 feels more like something fans of the series shouldn’t miss.

What do I think of Dragon Quest Builders 2 overall? Next week, I’ll have my full review of Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the Playstation 4!


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