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Building Dragon Quest Again: A Look At Dragon Quest Builders 2 For the PS4

On Friday, we received a review copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the Playstation 4 from Square Enix. I’ve been playing the game all weekend. And now I want share my thoughts about the game in this preview!


I played the first Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch and liked it. I wasn’t sure what to expect for its sequel. Would it be better? Would it be more of the same? And since I was going to review it on the Playstation 4, would I miss playing the game in handheld mode?

Over the weekend, I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Let me answer the questions I posed first: yes Dragon Quest Builders 2 is better than the first game so far. Is it more of the same? Somewhat. Lastly, I do miss handheld mode a little bit.

So why is Dragon Quest Builders 2 better than the first game?

The story seems a lot better than the first game. I also like that you have constant companions on your journey. In the first game, you were on your own and occasionally had people with you to help. In this game, Malroth is almost always with you. And you get other people who help you out and give you tasks constantly. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a more focused game than the first with more story, characters, and intersting builds.

Not only that, but the graphics for DQB2 on the Playstation 4 are stunning. Everything looks so great!

But yes, the game does feel a bit like the first one too. The building and especially fighting in the game are very similar to Dragon Quest Builders 1. Even the exploration reminds me of the first. However with the graphics and the story being so much better, I think Dragon Quest Builders 2 is going to end up being a more enjoyable experiance.

As for not being able to play the game in handheld mode, I mostly don’t miss it but there is some super small text in this game for tutorials and I miss having handheld mode so I can read it instead of getting up from my chair and squinting at the TV screen. Other than that though, I love how much more epic Dragon Quest Builders 2 feels on the big screen.

If you liked the first Dragon Quest Builders, I think you’ll love this second one. Though, I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what there is to find in this game!! I will keep playing and come back tomorrow to provide even more thoughts about this wonderful game.


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