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April PlayStation Plus Content Leaks


Sony Asia have once again announced the upcoming games for their PlayStation Plus content, most of which end up being exactly the same as the EU stuff. There’s a nice mixture of titles this month across all platforms, certainly enough to keep most people happy until May.

First of all, the PlayStation 4 title this month will be Mercenary Kings. Brought to us by the team behind the rather excellent Scott Pilgrim game, Mercenary Kings is a four player co-op sidescroller that was funded via Kickstarter. Its almost cutesy visuals belie a game that’ll no doubt be a blast with friends.

PlayStation 3 fans will have a more varied month. Firstly, Sly 4, the long-awaited return of everyone’s favourite Racoon. This was released last year to quietly impressive scores. A lot of fans were happy to see that it kept most of what made the last two games special, but didn’t expand much beyond that. You’ll also be able to download PES 2014. It’s not often a sports title gets added to Plus, so fans of the genre should grab it while they can.

Finally, Vita owners will get Hotline Miami, the stylized stealth title that tasks you with performing hits on well-defended enemies. Known for its graphic violence, Hotline Miami has long been a favourite to indie supporters. Secondly, Moto GP 13. Not a bad game, but limited if you’re not specifically interested in bikes.

And that’s your lot. Nothing as shocking as previous months, although Sly 4 is a pretty great get. Expect official confirmation from Sony over the next few days.


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