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blank News 11 years ago

No DLC Planned for Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo has been pushing New Super Luigi U in several of their Nintendo Directs and with good reason. Although it's more akin to a new game than a piece of DLC, they've basically done what people have been asking for since DLC became a thing: they're building an expansion where they could have simply added an extra character or a few new levels. How that will work out for them is yet to be seen, but it seems even Nintendo will be holding out on seeing the results before further venturing into the world of downloadable content.

blank News 11 years ago

American Mad Max Fails to Impress

Mad Max, from Avalanche Studios, promises to bring back a hugely popular franchise, a franchise that is decidedly Australian. Why then was the voice of the titular character done by an American? Although there's a million reasons that might be, Mad Max fans aren't impressed and have launched a petition in the hopes of changing the decision before it's too late.

blank News 11 years ago

PS3 Titles Probably Won’t Be Included in PlayStation 4 Plus

Streaming games is going to become the norm in 2014 and a big part of that will be thanks to Gaikai and Sony. If you're not willing to pay, though, don't expect a full gaming experience. Sony have said that they're not entirely sure how they're going to handle the price model for PS3 streaming over Gaikai, but that it probably won't be included in PlayStation Plus (or at least, not as we know it). Fergal Gara, of SCEE, spoke about how things may be handled when the service goes live next year.

blank News 11 years ago

Sex game ‘coming’ in 2014

Ever wanted to be in a virtual reality world having sex with beautiful virtual women just like Stallone in Demolition Man? Well your fantasy may just become a reality when Wicked Paradise releases next year for..

blank News 11 years ago

PlayStation 4 Release Date Revealed in The Sun

The Sun apparently has a full page advert for the PlayStation 4 today (as found by BehindGames), an advert which announced that you'll be able to get your hands on Sony's next console from November 21st.

blank News 11 years ago

Destiny PC Version Possible

Bungie's Destiny is coming to more or less every current platform, with one or two major exceptions. The Wii U, I suppose, doesn't have the userbase to support an MMO-style title, while the PC seems ideal for it. So far though, Bungie haven't said anything about whether they're working on a title or whether they ever will. That has changed, and head of community at Bungie, Eric Osborne, hinted that it may well happen in the future.

Self-publishing on Xbox One News 11 years ago

Xbox One Games Will be Playable “Long-term”

There's a lot of confusion about the Xbox One, partly because of people repeating erroneous information over and over, but mostly because Microsoft let people get that erroneous information in the first place. It's the start of a new generation, the Xbox One does things that no other console has ever done - you make sure that people understand what's going on with it from the very beginning.

blank News 11 years ago

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD may Pave Way to Further FF HD Re-Releases

A lot of people are excited for the chance to play both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 again. The HD Collection adds better graphics and trophy support, as well as the ability to play both games from a single disk. Originally released in 2001, every single Final Fantasy game since has split the community more and more, so this is a fresh opportunity to see a fan favourite in a new, fresh way. If you're excited, be sure to support the developers, as it may lead to similar opportunities in the future...

blank News 11 years ago

New Releases this week | June 17th – June 24th

The WiiU dominates this week's releases with 3 new titles for the Nintendo system. 2 of which are from the Mario universe. An expansion pack for Mario... does Mario need expanding??

blank News 11 years ago

DriveClub PS+ Edition not as complete as retail version

The announcement that DriveClub will be given free to PS+ subscribers was met with a loud applause from the audience at E3 on Monday night. However Senior Designer for Evolution Ben Gouldstone later admitted that the free PS+ Edition is not as complete as what buyers of the full retail game would be getting.