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Gamestop, Gamefly Happy about Microsoft 180

blank Gamestop have released a statement congratulating Microsoft for their change of heart concerning the Xbox One. It's perhaps no surprise that they're in support of the move considering their stocks dropped 5% when the Xbox One was announced.


Xbox Fans Lament Family Sharing

blank It was a feature of the Xbox One that very few people seemed to know about, but for those that "got" it, yesterday's announcement that Microsoft were dropping more or less everything that had previously been announced was a bitter-sweet reveal. Family Sharing would have allowed you and up to ten of your friends to share a single game digitally, with you and one other person playing at exactly the same time. For those excited about the feature, this would have cut costs, opened up a whole ...


Microsoft Ditch Xbox One 24 Hour Check in, Trade Limitations

blank Microsoft have had a lot of frank feedback over the last few weeks, and it seems they've decided to act on it. They've announced this evening that they're ditching almost everything that was previously announced for the Xbox One, good and bad. While the 24 hour check in and trade limitations are no longer going to be a part of the system, they're also getting rid of the family sharing, digital selling and trading.


PS4 Online Blocked for Countries Without a Store

blank PlayStation Plus isn't available everywhere, and neither is the PlayStation Store, and although Sony has made every effort to roll features out to every country interested, it's not always possible. Up until recently, this has been a minor inconvenience, a barrier that blocks some people from taking advantage of free games, digital purchases and cloud saves. What about for the PS4 though? It's today been confirmed that unless you have access to a PlayStation Store in your region, you won't ...


Fable 3 is free on Xbox Market

blank To kick off their new program for Xbox Live Gold members, Fable 3 is currently free to download in the Xbox Live marketplace. That’s right: for the low price of zero dollars (not including the $5-10 a month for the membership, of course), Gold members can enjoy Lionshead Studio’s third entry in their slapstick Fable series, enjoying the world of Albion and becoming a beacon of good or evil (your choice) as you go from disgruntled prince to king of…


PS+ Content For July (And August?)

blank Sony have announced the content that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in July. It's a great mix of some top games, things that are definitely going to help you prepare for a few big upcoming titles. Although you'll need to enjoy shooters to really get the most out of this month, the inclusion of Battlefield 3, Payday: The Heist and Saints Row the Third is sure to be enough to justify this month's pay. That's an awful lot for an awful little.


XCOM for iOS releases 6/20 for $19.99

blank Well, that didn't take long. After announcing an iOS version of their award-winning strategy title earlier this spring, Firaxis Games wasted no time optimizing XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the touch screen: on Monday they announced the game would hit the App Store this Thursday for $19.99. That's right, the full XCOM experience (save for DLC, though Firaxis could always release this later as an in-app purchase) will launch for $10-20 cheaper than most retailers currently sell the console/PC version.


Being Black in Animal Crossing is Hard Work

blank Animal Crossing: New Leaf is largely a game about leaving an impression. Whether you're creating your town in the sometimes dull single player or if you're visiting friends to see how they've built up their world, you can do so with a personality and charm that you yourself have created. In many ways, you can be whatever you want to be in New Leaf, unless you want to be black. Then your only option is to tan, tan, tan.


PS4 User Interface Revealed

blank Although we got small glimpses of it during both Sony conferences this year, PlayStation have released a video truly showcasing the abilities of the PS4's user interface. From speaking with friends to purchasing new games, if there were any questions you have about some of the new social features offered by Sony's next-gen console, they'll likely be answered across this three and a half minute reveal.


RIP PS2. Last ever PS2 game releasing in September

blank At the ripe old age of 13 'console' years (equivalent to roughly 91 in human years) it's finally time to put the world's most successful console to rest. While the PS2 was discontinued back in January games were still being released for the system throughout the year. The very last game coming to Playstation 2 is none other than...