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PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Controller Review

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Controller

Faceoff Deluxe+ 3
Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: PDP
Developer: PDP
Genre: Hardware Reviews, Switch Reviews


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The latest Nintendo Switch controller from PDP, the Faceoff Deluxe+ wired controller is the first Switch controller ever to come with built-in audio. This is a core feature for most other console controllers and it is exciting to see accessories for the Switch starting to follow suit. Other than the introduction of built-in audio, the new Faceoff Deluxe+ also comes with a few changes and improvements over the previous iteration. How does this new controller compare to other third-party accessories? Let’s take a look!

Faceoff Deluxe+ 1

As soon as I picked up the Faceoff Deluxe+, I knew I was in for a treat. While I understand the reasons behind the small size of the Switch JoyCons, as a grown man it can be quite uncomfortable to hold them in my hands for extended periods of time. The Faceoff Deluxe+ comes in as a saving grace in this scenario, offering a much more comfortable grip for larger hands. The buttons are placed perfectly, with large hands resting naturally on the thumbstick and ABXY respectively.

The thumbsticks themselves are nicely textured, offering good grip and smooth motion. One of the best design features of the Faceoff Deluxe+ is the increased bumper size. Both the standard JoyCons and other third-party controllers have seemed to ignore the glaring issue with the bumper size – they are so small that I can almost never find them without first bringing my finger down to the trigger and back up. This has been addressed perfectly by increasing the length of them ever so slightly.

Faceoff Deluxe+ 2

I personally find this controller quite visually appealing, sporting a wavy camo design in either red, blue, purple or black. There are also two remappable paddle buttons on the back, reminiscent of a simpler Xbox One pro controller. Personally, I did not find a use for these but I also did not find them to be a hindrance either. I can certainly see a value in having them if you are an avid Smash or MK player, allowing you to slam combos much faster as you would not have to move your thumb nearly as much. A neat addition, just one that has situation usage.

The 3.5mm jack for audio is truly the shining feature of the controller, likely because it is the first Nintendo Switch controller to offer this feature. While less useful for voice chat as first-party Switch titles require use of the phone app, I thoroughly enjoyed having the option of hearing my game audio through my own headset. Conveniently, the Switch will automatically identify that a headset has been plugged in and will only drive audio through the headset, meaning there is no need to mute your TV.

Faceoff Deluxe+ 4

For those who might want to play Switch on their TV late without disturbing their family, this is an incredibly simple and effective solution. Likewise, the Switch will detect when the headset is unplugged and will immediately begin playing sound through the TV again, quite a seamless transition. The volume controls on the controller are just as intuitive; simply hold the function button just below the right thumbstick and use the Up and Down buttons on the D-Pad to instantly adjust the audio volume.

At the end of the day, the Faceoff Deluxe+ offers a comfortable and intuitive gaming experience with remappable buttons, built-in audio and volume controls. At $35CAD, it is one of the strongest Switch accessories to date. If you are looking for a third-party Switch controller, look no further!


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