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ROCCAT Kain 100 & 122 AIMO Mouse Review

ROCCAT Kain 100 & 122 AIMO Mouse

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Release: January 1, 1970
Developer: ROCCAT
Genre: Hardware, Hardware Reviews, Mouse


Great About Rating

ROCCAT is easily one of the fastest growing names in PC gaming peripherals. Today, we are taking a look at the Kain 100 AIMO and 122 AIMO Titan-Click RGB gaming mice. A relatively young company, ROCCAT has been producing quality hardware since 2007 and boasts premium German engineering. While there is no doubt that German engineering is known around the globe for its high quality, attention to detail and uncompromising efficiency, how much can this truly transfer to something as relatively simple as premium PC gaming accessories? Let’s take a look and find out!


Waste Not, Want Not

Right out of the box, the ROCCAT Kain 100 & 122 AIMO mice impressed me with their simplicity. There are many aspects of a PC gaming rig that can benefit from extra buttons, functions and settings – but as far as I am concerned, the mouse is not one of them. The core aspects of any PC mouse are having a comfortable grip, adjustable DPI and maybe a thumb button or two. Aside from that, RGB lighting is about the only add-on I would truly miss in a gaming mouse, and Kain manages to tick that box, too.

So, when looking at the core aspects of the ROCCAT Kain 100 & 122, it is hard to fault the design in any way. For some, the smooth finish on the Kain 122 may cause a slight issue with grip (smaller-handed people beware!), but the textured grips on the Kain 100 are the perfect solution for anyone worried about grip. Aside from this difference, the Kain 100 & 122 feel almost identical in use.

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The Right Parts in the Right Places

While it might not look like much more than your average, smoothly-designed computer mouse, the Kain 100 & 122 AIMO mice feature some serious feats of engineering. Both of these mice sport ROCCAT’s Titan-Click, a complete overhaul of the mechanics behind your mouse click. Every part of the click was optimized in the pursuit of providing the perfect click, resulting in a split-button design that allows the user to easily feel the difference in distinction, motion and precision.

What this means to the user is that you will enjoy the most seamless of experiences. Not once will you experience a delayed click or a sticky button. No more worrying about rapid-fire clicks, this mouse will keep up with even the fastest fingers out there! Boasting a 16ms time advantage in the delay between button press and signal sent compared to other mice, your gaming speed and accuracy will never be better! I must say this is one of the things that impressed me most about these mice, even though they are on the budget end of the price scale, their performance is anything but.

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In the Eye of the Mouse Holder

Style is one of the more difficult aspects to judge a product on, as it is almost entirely subjective and preferences can vary greatly, even for just a single person. With that in mind, please remember that this review is based on my experience alone, and your experience may vary. The Kain 100, for me, easily exceeds the 122 in both style and comfort, as I find the textured grips are an absolutely game changer.

Both are offered in black or white finishes and sport virtually identical profiles and ergonomics, with the one exception being the aforementioned texture grips on the Kain 100. This really comes down to personal preference – just be wary if your hands are on the small end of the scale, as the Kain 122, while not being quite ‘slippery’, does have a very smooth finish that may make the Kain 122 a more comfortable choice.


Undeniable Value

In the end, both the ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO & 122 AIMO RGB gaming mice have a lot to offer at a very reasonable price. With adjustable DPI settings, 2 thumb buttons, RGB lighting, a comfortable egonomic profile, a very reliable sensor and an extremely responsive Titan-Click mechanism, either of these mice will make a great choice for someone looking to get a reliable mouse without breaking the bank, as well as those who are looking for a wired backup mouse or a travel mouse.

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