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PDP Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller Review

PDP Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller

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Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: PDP
Developer: PDP
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In recent times, PDP has solidified its position as a manufacturer of quality gaming accessories. Perhaps most notably among these is their line of controllers for the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch is undeniably a great console, many adult users (including myself) have a difficult time with the smaller JoyCon controls. This is completely reasonable, however, as they are intended to be used by kids as well. It does create a need, however, for larger and more standardized controllers for the comfort of adult Nintendo Switch gamers. PDP has risen to meet this need many times, and today we are looking at their new Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller. Let’s dive in!

Afterglow Wireless 4

The shape and button configuration of the Afterglow Wireless is very similar to PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ controller, with a couple major improvements. Most importantly and most obviously, the Afterglow is wireless! This means that you can enjoy sitting back from your TV at a range of up to 30 feet while digging into some of your favourite Switch titles. The battery life boasts over 25 hours of continuous play, and charges quickly to get you back into the game.

The Afterglow Wireless is the first third-party controller that accurately emulates Nintendo’s own Pro Controller. While there are certainly a few differences, this is a very solid alternative to the Pro Controller. It also earns major stylistic points with its Prismatic LED lighting options, allowing each gamer to customize their controller colour at their leisure. In our world of RGB-lighting and our current obsession with customization these options offer a little something extra to fans of style.

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Much like the Faceoff Deluxe+, the Afterglow Wireless includes two programmable paddle buttons on the back of the controller, enabling each player to modify their controller to best suit their needs. Fans of Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros or any other button-mashing game will make good use of these paddles to make chaining combo moves easier than ever before! Unlike other controllers with back paddles, the PDP controllers are not invasive and are surprisingly easy to avoid misclicking with regular handling of the controller.

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the PDP Afterglow Wireless comes about as close to the Switch’s Pro Controller as you can, all while providing a little bit of something different with the back paddle buttons and the smooth, clear plastic finish which shows off some of the inner circuitry. The controller also sports built-in motion controls that can be used with Switch games that utilize gyros, meaning you won’t miss a beat when moving from the JoyCon to the Afterglow Wireless.

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The Afterglow’s Prismatic LED lighting may not look like much at first, but once you realize that you can cycle through a full rainbow of colour options and either pick your favourite single colour or set the colours to change with the movement of your analog sticks, it just becomes that much cooler. If you find the lights distracting, you can either turn down the brightness or turn them off entirely. Personally, I think these lights give the controller a separate identity from the rest of my Switch accessories, so I will proudly continue to sport them in a sharp blue!

Overall, the Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller offers one of the highest-tiers of quality I’ve ever seen in a third-party accessory. It feels very comfortable and familiar in your hands, it has long-reaching wireless convenience, a superb battery life, convenient and non-intrusive programmable back paddle buttons and customizable lighting options. I mean, what else could you possibly ask for in a controller? If you are a Switch user looking for a new controller, look no further than the Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller by PDP, you will not regret it!

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