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EA Sports FC 24 Review

EA Sports FC 24

Release: September 29, 2023
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: PS5 Reviews, SportXbox Series X Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

With the FIFA tag gone, Electronic Arts has used their own branding on this years soccer release. While the FIFA name and imaging has been removed from the franchise, everything else remains. While this isn’t a huge leap over FIFA 23, there really wasn’t much that needed to be changed. EA Sports FC continues to be the best game produced by EA Sports, and for me it’s not even close!


EA has moved to the Frostbite engine for EA Sports FC 24 and the players, pitches, and atmosphere benefit from that greatly. It’s a great improvement on the past games in the franchise, giving you that realistic soccer feel each time you head out on the pitch. This is perhaps an overdue change that should have been present last year, but at least we have it now.

The on-pitch gameplay has also seen a nice, albeit small improvement. Everything feels just a bit more realistic and snappy. I’ve truly found that the matches I’m playing feel just a bit more realistic, and while we still have those moments that could never happen in real life, it is a huge improvement over the bevy of issues I noted last year when reviewing FIFA 23. I still don’t think this will be enough of a change for the hardcore fans, but for casual soccer lovers such as myself, there is enough new here to keep me entertained for the next few months.

I think the reason the game feels more alive is the addition of hundreds of new animations. These range from manoeuvrers on the field to goal celebrations and player reactions to various calls. As EA Sports adds more and more of these year over year, we get a better, more realistic experience on the field. I really do enjoy that, even if it has little to no impact on how the game plays.


And on that front, everything is great in my opinion. I found the controls very smooth, and rarely felt let down by the way the game played – I was let down, however, by my own abilities! Using the skill stick still feels good, and manoeuvring in and out of defenders is still a lot of fun.

I feel like more tweaking has been done here to make better players, better at this, and worse players, worse. This applies to shooting and passing as well. I know I felt the difference in FIFA 23, but it’s more pronounced here, as it should be. It does mean taking a squad of MLS players against a squad of European players is sure to be a tough challenge, even on easier difficulty settings.

I rarely dive deep into all the modes EA Sports soccer games have offered in the past, but a quick look into each shows similar experiences to previous years. The one big change comes in Ultimate Team, where the roster of available players has drastically increased.

This year women have been included in Ultimate Team, and a ton of unique objectives structured around these players. I had a blast working through all the Kerr Moments available, and love building out a squad of the best women from around the world.


All-in-all, this is another strong entry from Electronic Arts. I know there will be a host of folks upset that the development team hasn’t done enough, but I think minimal improvements on an already fantastic experience feels about right. Tweak too much, and they might lose what makes EA Sports soccer games so much fun to play.



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