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Rune Factory 4 Special Review

Rune Factory 4 Special

Release: December 7, 2021
Publisher: XSEED Games Marvelous Inc
Developer: Marvelous Inc Neverland Hakama Inc
Genre: Simulation, XBox One Reviews, Xbox Series X Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
8.5 - Audio

Rune Factory 4 has been out for some time on Nintendo Switch. When I heard it was coming to Xbox I was beyond excited as I never played the game on original release. Xseed Games and Marvelous Inc keep coming at us with hit after hit. Being a huge fan of this dynamic duo which brought us Story Of Seasons on almost every major platform, easily one of my favourite franchise in gaming this was a must play for me. Rune Factory 4 Special brings the best of all gaming aspects farming and battling. If you have played Stardew Valley it will have a similar feel to it, mind you Stardew Valley was an absolute gem it still amazes me that one person created the game. Grab your hoe and sword, let’s get into Rune Factory 4 Special. 


Rune Factory 4 Special is your typical farming/RPG simulator packed with lots to do. We start the game off by picking our character then the story proceeds to start off on a flying ship. While on our ship we are attacked, here we learn the basics of battle which is pretty straightforward. In the battle the story will play out and we end up being kicked off the flying ship and we land on an Island called Selphia. Upon landing it appears we have lost our memory and people think we are a prince of the land. We are taken to our room where a diary is present this is where we can save and a bed for advancing the day.


Rune Factory 4 Special is full of so many things to do, so its important to plan the day. Keeping track of your HP and RP is key to survival, as you progress in the game your character will also Level up. In Rune Factory 4 Special we can do everything in traditional farming simulators such as farming, fishing, crafting, exploring, fighting and taming monsters, really anything you can think of. Rune Factory 4 Special features a story that is easily to follow, which is nice nothing to complicated. My favourite part of the game is traditional farming, it’s rewarding seeing what you can grow and what quality you can achieve. During the start of the game everything will be explained to you so even if you are new to farming simulation have no fear.

Upgrading tools is a must to insure your character is efficient and able to do all the tasks required. Building relationships with the towns people is also a good idea. Increasing friendship is easy just talk to them, give gifts, and complete tasks for them. While exploring be mindful when battling because if you lose all your HP you will end up at the Doctor with a lighter wallet, no one wants that. Finding the right weapons and accessories to fit your play style is fun which enhanced my experience.

Farm Fun for Everyone

Farming is done the traditional way if you have ever played Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons. Taking care of your crops will yield you some gold, not to mention it’s great fun. I spent the bulk of time with hard life on the farm. With several different seeds to choose from and the ability to even make giant fruit it adds so much more to the farming experience. In the end always have golden fruit as your end goal as the value is astronomical.

Never Ending Fun 

Even if your goal is just to complete the main story without any extra work it will still take you over 40 hours! This provides excellent value for the cost of the game. Rune Factory 4 Special will have you put hundreds of hours in it becomes very addicting.

Rune Factory 4 Special looks great on the Xbox Series X and has amazing load times. Selphia looks gorgeous, full of colour, and is designed well. Visual aspects of the game are done well with so many characters around the town to interact with. Each character is special in their own way, there are so many to choose from to Wed. Take you time and pick the best partner that speaks to you. Combat is easy in mechanics and very satisfying when in battle.


Marvelous and X Seed have done it again, they have brought us a must play for any fan. Rune Factory 4 special pays attention to detail and feels very polished which makes for an enjoyable experience. Given the length of the game it’s excellent value for your money with a pleasant story to follow. With so many options in the game from farming to crafting it can please almost any games. I had an amazing time in Selphia a big thank you to Marvelous and X Seed for bringing this game to Xbox. Get ready for a great adventure you will not be disappointed, get planting and slay those monsters or heck take one for a pet.



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