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Ewin Racing Flash XL Gaming Chair Review

Ewin Racing Flash XL Gaming Chair

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Ewin Racing
Developer: Ewin Racing
Genre: Hardware


Excellent About Rating

Seen by many as simply a luxury, racer gaming chairs serve a much greater purpose than their style. Nobody can deny that these chairs were designed to be stylish, but that certainly comes secondary to the comfort and support that they offer. From someone who has spent a lot of time gaming in standard office chairs and even old wooden desk chairs, I can definitively say that gaming chairs are worth every ounce of hype they receive. Most of these chairs come in with a price point of $500+ and are out of range for many people. Ewin Racing, however, offers quality racer gaming chairs as low as $220! I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Ewin Racing Flash XL Series chair, which does retail around $450 but let me tell you that it is worth every penny. Plus, if you visit their website today you can take advantage of their Black Friday sale and get up to 30% off your order! Simply use the code ‘BF30‘ at checkout!



Ewin Racing, who has headquarters in both the US and the EU and offers free shipping within those countries, has a superb record for taking pride in their products and their services. My chair, which was shipped to Canada (shipping costs do apply to Canadian customers), arrived in approximately one week. The contents inside the box were packaged well and everything was wrapped and padded individually, ensuring that each part arrived fully intact. In my excitement to build my chair I neglected to photograph all of the parts in their wrapping, but trust me when I say it was all shipped very securely.



Having laid out all parts of the chair, I quickly scanned the 14-step instructions and found them all straight forward and the included pictures were of great help. After having built my chair alone, I would highly recommend asking a friend or family member to help with this build, as it will make a couple steps much easier to complete.


The trickiest part of the process was attaching the four screws when connecting the chair back to the seat. One of the connecting arms seemed to be at an incorrect angle but after a bit of wiggling and by threading all four screws slightly before beginning to tighten any, I was able to secure the backrest with the seat base after only a couple minutes.

All-in-all this gaming chair took me roughly 30 minutes to assemble alone, and apart from the one or two times it would have been beneficial to have a second person to hold the chair steady while screwing something in, I did not come across any issues.



At first, it seemed that the metal bracket would never align with the socket in the side of the chair. However, after some wiggling around, everything lined up perfectly!



Upon sitting in my Ewin Racing Flash XL gaming chair and fiddling with the backrest angle, armrest height, and lumbar cushion position I immediately felt my posture correct itself. I have a notoriously bad chronic back pain, and sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time is certainly a trigger for that. Gaming for too long can easily lead to slouching and even worse back pain for me. While the fact that I was forced into correct posture at first felt slightly uncomfortable – I knew this was simply my body’s bad habit that needed to be reversed.

After spending a couple days with the chair, that sense of discomfort was totally gone. What was even better was that my back pain was severely lessened, and sitting for long periods of time in front of the computer no longer triggered worse pain for me. I can honestly say that this chair was a huge step forward in terms of my overall back health and positive posture. For anyone who has a history of chronic back pain, you know how significant that is.

The adjustability of the Ewin Racing Flash XL is everything you could ever imagine. The armrests move in 4 different directions to offer the optimal positioning, the height, tilt control, and lever-operated back recliner all combine for the ultimate experience in both comfort and support, it truly does stand out from other gaming chairs.

Ewin Racing truly uses quality components. You can feel the quality in the weight of the chair itself. I am not a small person, measuring 6’4” and over 250lbs, and at no time do I feel like I am straining this chair. It’s durable steel frame is extremely secure, and the high-density memory foam is designed specifically so that it does not sag. The chair lift itself supports up to 330lbs and the five-star base with large and smooth wheels allows you to glide effortlessly on any type of flooring.


What an upgrade! The Ewin Racing Flash XL is a much-welcome improvement to any PC gaming setup!


After using the Ewin Racing Flash XL for a while now, I can safely say that it is the most comfortable chair I have had the pleasure of using, and that it has done wonders for my overall back health. As a big guy, I know the struggles of finding a good gaming chair priced reasonably, and while the Flash XL is certainly an investment, it is still priced on the lower side of the spectrum for XL racer models.

If you are looking for a larger racing chair I highly recommend the Flash XL. It is priced very well as far as XL models go, offers immense comfort and easily handles larger persons. It really is worth every penny!

Don’t forget to visit Ewin Racing today and take advantage of their Black Friday Sale for up to 30% off!


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