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In Stars and Time Review

In Stars and Time

Release: November 20, 2023
Publisher: Armor Game Studios
Developer: Insertdisc5
Genre: Adventure, Genres, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Role-playing, Switch Reviews, Turn-Based
PEGI: 12


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8.5 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

Are you looking for an indie rpg thats unique, while also feeling like its something could’ve been on the NES or Gameboy? Then you should check out this review for In Stars and Time for the Nintendo Switch!

In Stars and Time is an indie rpg that looks and plays like an old school NES or Gameboy jrpg. The story, however, is totally unique and different from what we’ve seen from those old games. In this game, you’ll play as Siffren, a young mage thats part of a group trying to save the world. Seems like your typical jrpg right? Well, Siffren and company go into the final dungeon and not long after they get in there…Siffren is crushed by a giant rock and dies. Then he wakes up at the beginning of the game!

Yes, Siffren is in a time loop. He doesn’t loop back every time he dies, just whenever he dies in story events. The loop can go back to certain points other than just the beginning. And Siffren will keep some of his leveling up progress along with “memories” that’ll help his group. The story is unique and the characters are just as unique and as interesting. The story is absolutely what makes this game great. Thats not to say the gameplay is lacking though. Its actually really good!

As far as its gameplay goes, In Stars and Time plays like an rpg from the NES era. The exploration has you going around talking to people and raiding houses/dungeons for items. Meanwhile, the combat is like something out of early Final Fantasy or Earthbound: you don’t see the characters fighting at all; there is just a picture to represent the characters.

In Stars and Time feels like a barebones NES rpg in a very deliberate and unique way. Though, there is the added twist of having to figure out what abilities: rock, paper, or scissors will work on enemies the best. There is a lot of strategy to be had to this “barebones” rpg. Some of the battles can be tough, but the game lets you retry and usually you can win if you’re careful and you plan out what you’re doing.

As for the time looping, it doesn’t feel too repetitive. There is only certain places where you go back and as the game progresses, you’re able to keep more of your progress on the next loop. The puzzles in this game are not too hard either. This is a really good game.

In Stars and Time is charming from top to bottom. Even the graphics look like an old school game in a good way.

In Stars and Time has really nice, retro looking graphics. It looks like a game that could’ve been on the NES or Gameboy. Its even in black and white! This is a very good looking game.

Overall, In Stars and Time is a great indie rpg. It has a unique story, excellent gameplay, and fantastic graphics. Its not an easy game at times but the time looping gimmick and the “memories” you get along the way will keep you engaged. In Stars and Time is an excellent game.

Thanks to Player Two PR for providing a digital copy of this game for review. In Stars and Time will be available today via the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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