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Flutter Away Review

Flutter Away

Release: August 3, 2023
Publisher: Runaway Play
Developer: Runaway Play
Genre: Adventure, Genres, Indie, Other, Switch Reviews, Video


Worth a Play About Rating
7.5 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

If you like cozy games, then Flutter Away may be for you. Here is our review of Flutter Away for the Nintendo Switch!

Flutter Away is a cozy nature adventure game where you take pictures of animals and other things in a jungle and add the pictures and documentation to your in-game journal. There is no real story to this game other than you’re out in the wild for five days and have to finish all your goals by then.


The game can be completed with less than 100%, there are hidden goals. There is no real time limit other than the five day window. You can take as much time as you want to complete each day. The game isn’t very long but if you play each day over the course of five days or more, you can make it last longer. We’re unsure if there’s a lot replay value to this game if you get 100% but its still a really fun experience for the most part.

One thing that does hold the game back from being perfect is how slow your character walks. It feels a little bit too slow at times. There is no run button either. The game’s controls do work well though and picking up objects and taking photos is very easy. If the game was a little bit longer and your character moved faster, then the game would be absolutely perfect. As the game is, its still a fun cozy experience and it looks nice too.

Flutter Away is good looking game. All of the animals and objects are nice looking and the environment you explore is well made. Flutter Away also has good sound effects to go along with its visuals.

If you need a cozy, relaxing game to play, then you could do much worse than Flutter Away. The game’s goals are relaxing and place no pressure on the player. You have to be patient with its slow walking, but otherwise this short experience is something cozy gamers will enjoy.

Thanks to Stride PR for providing a digital code for this review. Flutter Away is available for the Nintendo Switch now.



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