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The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Review

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Obsidian
Developer: Private Division
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Role-playing, Shooter, Switch Reviews


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

The Outer Worlds has been out on other systems for a little bit now. As of tomorrow, the game comes out on the Nintendo Switch! was lucky enough to get an early look at the game. Is The Outer Worlds worth checking out on the Nintendo Switch? Here is our review!


I did not play The Outer Worlds on the Playstation 4 or any other place. The following review is solely based on my experience of the Nintendo Switch version. I will not be comparing the game to another platform.

The Outer Worlds is a mature-rated first person action rpg. You level up, you equip stuff, you choose skills points, and more. The battle system is very point and shoot or hit with a big stick if you like melee. If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, you’ll feel right at home with The Outer Worlds.

It is a huge game. There is so much to do in it. There are several planets to visit and lots of things to find on each one. You can also visit some ships too. The method of space travel is your ship, The Unrealiable. You can explore it too and its pretty cool.

It is disappointing that you can not directly control your ship and you have a really simplistic map that lets you select where to go next. Its not as disappointing as the game’s load times though.

Whenever you go into an area, whether its a new one or an old one, there is a long wait time to get back into the game. You could probably get up and make yourself a sandwich with some of these load times.

Thank goodness that the game is fun. Shooting stuff is especially satisfying. Though you can use dialogue choices to talk your way out of (and into) certain situations. Lying, threatening, bargaining and more are all options. Its very Fallout-like and one of my favorite things of this game. That said, this game is funnier than Fallout. Some of the dialogue choices are ridiculous and I love them. The responses are even funnier. Experiment with the dialogue! You just never know what you’ll hear.

Of course, none of this would work unless the game had good controls and thankfully it does. The analog sticks and buttons work very much like a very good first person shooter. The Outer Worlds has motion controls for those who want to point and shoot. The motion controls are not bad but I liked the analog controls better.

The Outer Worlds gameplay is very solid overall, despite the load times. What about its graphics though? Does The Outer Worlds look good on the Nintendo Switch?


The Outer Worlds is a mixed bag graphics wise. In portable mode, the environments can look pretty blurry at times. So can characters, especially the enemies. I think the companions still look good in portable and inside areas don’t look too bad. The blurriness is more noticeable outside. Still, The Outer Worlds is very playable in portable mode. Hopefully there will be an update to improve the graphics.

Meanwhile on the TV, The Outer Worlds looks a lot better. All of the characters and enemies look great. The inside areas look fantastic. Even the outside areas look a ton better on TV. There is still some blurriness in outside areas but you can tell that The Outer Worlds is a game that was designed for the TV in mind. Still, even the TV graphics could use a patch to improve some areas.

The Outer Worlds music is really good and so is its sound effects. The voice acting is the real standout sound wise though. A lot of the characters in this game have their own voice, even some minor ones. Its very impressive.
And despite its graphical issues and its load times, The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is very impressive too.


Everyone was surprised to hear that The Outer Worlds was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Could it possibly be a good game on the system?

In fact, The Outer Worlds is a great game on the Switch. The gameplay is solid, with good controls and excellent sound. The game does have some graphical issues, especially in portable mode, and its load times are not good, but overall, its a fun game.

If you like big open world games like Fallout and you need an experience like that on the Nintendo Switch, then you should visit The Outer Worlds asap.

A digital code was provided for this review. The Outer Worlds will be available in retail and on the Nintendo Switch eshop tomorrow (6/5/20).


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