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Mario Golf: Super Rush Review

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Release: January 1, 1970
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8.5 - Gameplay
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In our preview of Mario Golf: Super Rush, we told you about the game’s brand new modes and how we’ve been enjoying them so far. But is Mario Golf: Super Rush another must have game for the Nintendo Switch or should you just go back to playing Mario Kart? Here is our review of Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch!


Mario Golf: Super Rush is a pretty addictive game. There’s the regular golfing, which has always been a highlight of the series, but then Super Rush adds some new modes to spice things up.

Speed Golf is, without a doubt, the key to this Mario Golf. It has in own mode, but then it is also a big part of Battle Golf and Golf Adventure too. Without Speed Golf, Super Rush would be a good game but not a great one. Battle Golf and Adventure Golf add in extra ways to enjoy Speed Golf and expand this Mario Golf experience.

For more on all of these modes, please check out our preview of Mario Golf: Super Rush here. We’ve copied it below as well:

In Speed Golf, you play Golf at the same time as your opponent(s). You’ll hit the ball, race to wherever it landed, hit it again, and so on. Speed Golf is like regular golf, expect there’s lots of running and some extra things like coins on the field. Think of this mode like Mario Golf meets Mario Kart!

All of the regular characters are available to play and so is your Mii. That said, I like using the Mario characters in this mode a lot because each one of them has a super unique speed boost. These powerful moves will help you get to your goal faster. They’re fun to watch too!

Speed Golf is my favourite mode at the moment, but the other new modes are well worth checking out too.



This mode is, in a word, insane. Battle Golf is INSANE. Why is it insane?

Basically, you and other players (computer or otherwise) golf at the same time like Speed Golf expect this time it is in an arena instead of a regular golf course and you have to hit the ball into three holes as quickly as possible.

And while you are doing that, bombs and other obstacles will get in your way.

Like I said, this mode is insane. I’m terrible at it, but yet still I think its pretty cool. This mode would be best compared to Mario Kart’s Battle Mode! Its the last mode though that will help you unlock more regular golf courses and make your Mii a better golfer.



Are you looking for a golf RPG and have already exhausted Golf Story? Then you’ve come to the right mode. In Golf Adventure, you play as a Mii who is just starting out in their career as a golfer. You’ll join a cast of Mario characters: Toadette, Boo, and Chargin’ Chuck in their rise to golfing fame. Birdo is the house mother at the place you are staying! Yes, its as wonderful as it sounds.

Your Mii can wander around a golfing resort, talk to characters, buy stuff in the Clubhouse, practice golfing, and of course take part in golfing tournaments!

And best of all, your Mii will level up no matter how good or bad you’re doing. So you’ll be able to improve how good of a golfer your Mii is. I hope you like Speed Golf because it is very important in Golf Adventure. At least it has been so far!

Playing with Friends

Local and online multiplayer is available in Super Rush. I wasn’t able to try out local, however I did try out online some. Golfers can play with their friends or with random strangers.

The problem with playing with randoms is that you don’t know who they are or how good they are at golf. Also, it was often difficult to connect with random players. Sometimes it was a connection issue and other times it was that a room was only available if you had a code to access it.

Once I played with strangers though, I had no disconnection issues, though I was definitely the weakest player. The game does not pair you with people of the same skill level of golfing talent. Still, it is neat that you can golf with friends or strangers, even if there is no accurate talent matching available.

Mario Golf: Super Rush also offers a lot of options control wise too. I like the pro controller and handheld methods the best, but motion controls and tabletop are also an option. The game’s multiple options for gameplay and controls already make it a wonderful game and its graphics take that to the next level.


Mario Golf: Super Rush has excellent graphics on the Nintendo Switch. Speed Golf, especially, shows that off with the Mario elements. Battle Mode and Golf Adventure had some cool visuals too, although the world in Adventure Mode does leave a little to be desired. Couldn’t we get some additional challenges from random NPCs, Nintendo?


The additions of Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure take Mario Golf: Super Rush from a good game to a great game. It is another must have for all Nintendo Switch owners.

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing a review code for this game. Mario Golf: Super Rush is now available via retail and on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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