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Another Code: Recollection Review

Another Code: Recollection

Release: January 19, 2024
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Adventure, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Puzzle, Switch Reviews
PEGI: 12


Great About Rating
8.5 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

Another Code: Recollection is collection of two games, one from the DS and the other from the Wii. The graphics have been enhanced and the controls are now Nintendo Switch specific. Are the games good? Here is our review of Another Code: Recollection for the Nintendo Switch?

There are two games in Another Code Recollection: Two Memories and Journey into Lost Memories. These two games are Adventure games and so the story is very important in both. They each star a girl named Ashley, with Two Memories featuring her as a pre-teen and Journey featuring her around fifteen. In the first game, Ashley finds herself going to a mansion to look for her father. In the second game, she goes to a park and finds herself caught up in a new mystery. We’re being vague about the second game because we don’t want to spoil the first game. You’ll have to finish the first game in order to play the second.

Two Memories has the more interesting of the two stories, with a big mystery involving Ashley’s parents. The second game is interesting but a bit too complex at times. The first game is much more straightforward and keeps its plot to a single location, while Journey Into Lost Memories features a bigger environment that has you visiting different houses and other places in and around the park. There’s definitely more to do in Journey but we found that the first game was better overall. Both games have dialogue voiced and presented as comic book style speech bubbles, there’s also some comic style panels too!

Gameplay wise, both games have you exploring environments and solving puzzles. These are Adventure games, so you won’t be fighting enemies. The places you explore in the first game are very linear, with the second game being much more open for exploration. The game’s controls easy and well done for the most part. Both games use the Switch’s unique gyro controls for certain puzzles; the second one makes more use of it than the first. The addition of Switch specific controls is very welcome. There are no touch screen controls in this game though and that is a missed opportunity.

Another Code feels very at home in portable mode and touch screen controls would’ve been a good addition especially for certain puzzles that have you interact closely with objects. Still, the Switch specific gyro puzzles are really done. Thankfully, there’s a hint system too.

Two Memories and Journey both have a hint system thats helpful to those who are not so great at adventure/puzzle games. The hints go as far as actually giving you the solution to puzzles. The first game is a lot more willing to give you the solution sooner than the second. The puzzles are definitely tougher in the second game.

Another Code, overall, is an excellent adventure game. If you’re a fan of the genre, you won’t want to miss this one! And it has pretty nice graphics to go along with its good story and gameplay.

Both games in Another Code: Recollection looks really nice. The graphical style is the same, with the second game just having more places to visit and explore. Meanwhile, both have good voice acting.

Another Code: Recollection is a really good game. Both games have good stories and both also take advantage of the Switch’s unique controls some too. Fans of the Adventure genre will definitely enjoy this game.

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing digital code for this review. Another Code: Recollection comes out on January 19th, 2023 via retail and the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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