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Don’t Scoff at the Proposed Disney Lorcana Starter Deck Price

When pricing came out for Disney Lorcana in Canada, a lot of folks were confused by the “high” price of purchasing a single starter deck to begin playing the game. Theoretically, a family just getting into Disney Lorcana would need to purchase  at least two starter decks which would run them around $50 Canadian after taxes in Ontario. Comparatively to Pokemon, where you can get a Starter Deck on Amazon for roughly 16.99, and two decks for about $38 Canadian after taxes in Ontario, $50 is quite high. So what’s the catch? Is it just the Disney effect?


If you are unsure of what Disney Lorcana is, think Pokémon, but Disney. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but Disney Lorcana is yet another Trading Card Game in the vein of things like Magic the Gathering, the aforementioned Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Fans will scramble to their local stores to pick up the latest releases, looking to not only get good cards for playing the game, but also to get rare cards. The first set of Disney Lorcana – and future sets we assume – will include a foil card version of every card in the game, unlike other trading card games that only include a few foil cards. I like that touch, but it also makes completing a set much, much harder.

What I found most interesting when watching a recent playthrough of the game with co-designer Ryan Miller (video below) was that each Starter Deck not only included a ready-to-play 60 card deck, but also a 12 card booster pack. This is actually an incredible value, as the rumoured price of a booster pack in Canada is $7.99 + applicable tax. Fantastic, if you ask me!



There is so much to look forward to with Disney Lorcana, and we hope to check it out at GenCon coming up in early August (so stay tuned for more information). We are also looking forward to reviewing the game when it launches, and do some unboxings as well! Stay tuned for more Disney Lorcana content in the near future. We are very excited about this release.


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