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Using amiibo to Unlock Dungeon in Twilight Princess HD OK?


I don’t think anyone was surprised that Nintendo announced Twilight Princess HD, and because of that, people also shouldn’t be surprised that a Wii U – possibly NX? – title would have amiibo compatibility. Unlike other games that add minor things to the game – except perhaps Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam – it seems like amiibo in Twilight Princess HD will actually add more than just a costume. It appears as if this announcement has led to Internet outrage.

This rumor originated via Amazon in France which published details about Twilight Princess HD on their website. The page for the game has since been taken down, but a NeoGaf poster has compiled all the details, available here. According to poster GhostTrick,

Unlock bonuses with “The Legend of Zelda” amiibos: Tap all the amiibos for the Zelda series to unlock bonuses in the game, such as regenerating your life, or getting arrows for your bow. The new Wolf Link amiibo even allows you to get into a new dungeon: “The Twilight Cave”. The data recorded on this Amiibo can even be transferred to the next episode on Wii U. (Translation from French)

So, if this post is to be believed, amiibo will do minor things within the game, which we are use to, but there has been some hard discussions over whether or not a new dungeon should be locked behind a 14.99+ piece of plastic. It is a valid argument, especially since this game in Canada could potentially cost consumers nearly 80 dollars after taxes. For 80 dollars, I personally wouldn’t want an extra dungeon locked behind a peripheral, especially since Zelda dungeons are not insignificant. If this is true, that dungeon will be large, and will probably result in getting a special item that will be useful in the game.

If this rumor is true, are you OK with Nintendo doing this?


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