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Video: @OMGitsJezy Reviews Monster MVP Carbon Universal

Sometimes, looking at old headsets is never a bad idea. While they can sometimes be difficult to find, you will often find them at a more attractive price. This is definitely the case with the Monster MVP Carbon headset which has universal capability across Playstation, Xbox, and PC. We figured we would start the week of right by looking at another video from @OMGitsJezy! Nothing like an energetic voice and personality on YouTube to get your week started!

As long as Jezy will have us, we will continue to post his videos here on Generally, he provides a nice comparison on certain models – we receive the Microsoft/Xbox version and he generally is looking at Playstation items. As always, you can find all of his videos here, and can follow him on Twitter here! We will be partnering with him more in the future, so stay tuned!

I have actually used this headset in the past myself, and it is a really great product, especially for how compact it is. Unlike other headsets that tend to be much bulkier, the Monster MVP Carbon is sleek, and seems to fit away in my gaming drawer much easier than other headsets.


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