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Pokémon Sun and Moon – Pokémon Pelago

The most frustrating thing about free to play games on mobile is that you often are left waiting. Waiting for something to build, waiting for something to replenish, or simply waiting for a task to finish. The incentive, of course, is for you to purchase items that speed up the price, using real money. Pokémon Sun and Moon has implemented some free-to-play elements into their title, but without the real money component. How well does this work? Read on to find more details on the Pokémon Pelago!


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Yesterday, I wrote an article detailing what could be done in the Festival Plaza. Many consumers have expressed feeling overwhelmed by the daily tasks that could be completed at the plaza, but if you slow yourself down and treat the plaza as a type of free to play element within a bigger game, then you realize the tasks there are not that much different than in any mobile game of that type.

You can read about certain plaza tasks here, and understand that yesterdays article fits into todays discussion on free to play elements in Pokémon Sun and Moon. If you haven’t had the chance to read that, please click over before continuing here.


While the plaza provides many elements that are ‘daily tasks’ – of which I failed to mention Festival Tickets which allow you to play mini games within the plaza to earn larger amounts of Festival Coins -it is not the only place in Pokémon Sun and Moon with daily or hourly tasks for you to complete. After completing your third trial, you will be given two new options in Sun and Moon: first, the ability to fly using Charizard, and second, the ability to visit the Pokémon Pelago.

The Pokémon Pelago – as seen above in Abdallah’s video – is a set of 5 islands – unlocked by the player over time – that will allow your Pokémon to engage in daily/hourly tasks that will net you experience, items, berries, stat boosts, and more. Using Pokebeans, you will be able to unlock new islands, or upgrade previous islands, to help you reap better rewards. Some islands specialize in luring wild Pokémon to your team, while another allows you to send your Pokémon into a cave to hunt for treasure. These tasks all have timers attached to them, which can be sped up should you wish to sacrifice some of your Pokebeans.

These daily tasks – between the Pelago and the Plaza – will only take you 10 – 20 minutes each day, but can reap you some major rewards; taking the time to indulge in these free to play elements will be well worth your time, and we cannot recommend them enough. Although you might be turned off by these mechanics in other games, it somehow works so well here, adding another layer of depth to an already great franchise.


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