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Board Games with Asmodee for the Holiday’s – Dixit

Asmodee is one of the largest board game publishers on the planet right now, holding the publishing writers to dozens of large and small designing companies around the world. The benefits of having so many different banners under their corporation means that Asmodee has games for all ages and all genres. Thanks to our friends at Asmodee Canada, we were sent a box of some of the great games you can pickup this holiday season! As we play them, we will create brief articles outlining our thoughts, and why it’s a great title this holiday season!



Dixit was originally published in 2008, and has received numerous reprints over the years. This popular family / party game has players competing for points, earned by using keywords, phrases, actions, or sounds to describe a card they are laying facedown on the table. This 2010 Spiel Des Jahres Winnen (Game of the Year) is an easy to learn, easy to play title that will be great around the coffee table over the holiday season (small social gatherings permitted).

In Dixit, you will have a hand of wonderfully detailed cards that will depict something. The Storyteller – or the first player – will choose one of their cards, and then describe it with a word, phrase, action, or sound. Each other player around the table must then select one of their own cards to add to the Storytellers card, creating a central pile. Once all players have submitted a card, the cards are shuffled and laid out for all to see. Everyone but the Storyteller must now select the card they believe belongs to the Storyteller to earn points. While this seems simple, there is a deep, strategic element:

  • If you are the Storyteller and everyone correctly identifies your card, you will receive 0 points, while your opponents will earn 3 points each. If at least one person incorrectly guesses the Storytellers card, the Storyteller also gets three points along with those who guessed correctly. This means the Storyteller needs to give a good enough clue that at least one person guesses write, but not too obvious that everyone guesses right.
  • Other players may want to pick cards that suit the word/action/phrase/sound that the Storyteller has chosen because they can also earn points. For every person who picks your card (as the non-Storyteller), you will receive a single point.

Play continues until someone reaches the end of the scoring track, signaling the end of the game.

Dixit is beautiful to look at and fun to play. Ultimately, the better you know your opponents, the better you will perform in the game. But even with a room of people you might not know that well, Dixit is an easy to learn, fun to play experience, and one we highly recommend.


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