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This Way Madness Lies Trailer

Zeboyd Games, the creators of Cosmic Star Heroine and Cthulhu Saves Christmas, have a new game coming soon to PC. The game is called This Way Madness Lies. Check out the trailer below and then please come back here for our thoughts on the game.

This Way Madness Lies is coming out on STEAM on November 10th. It will cost $9.99 (USD). The game a turn-based jrpg by the creators of Cosmic Star Heroine and Cthulhu Saves Christmas! We liked both games. You can find our review of Cosmic Star Heroine here and Cthulhu Saves Christmas here.

As for This Way Madness Lies, it takes inspiration from Shakespeare and from magical girl anime like Sailor Moon. Yes This Way Madness Lies is Shakespeare meets Sailor Moon. The battle system reminds us of Breath of Fire a bit. The gameplay and story look like nothing we’ve ever seen in a rpg before!¬† The game is also said to be shorter game¬† like Cthulhu Saves Christmas.

What do you think of This Way Madness Lies? Will you be checking it out? What about us? Well, we’re hoping it’ll make its way to Nintendo Switch like Cosmic Star Heroine and Cthulhu Saves Christmas did!


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