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5 Awesome Japanese Video Games You Have can Download

When the average gamer thinks of Japanese video games, a few big hits likely come to mind. Tekken, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, and Pokémon.

While all these are awesome franchises, the Japanese gaming industry is massive and full of secret gems. And don’t forget that Mario is technically a Japanese game!

Here are five awesome and under-the-radar Japanese games you need to check out now.

How to Get Japanese Games

Before we dive into our selection, we want to give you a few quick tips to improve your gaming experience. The easiest way to access Japanese games is via a VPN service.

VPNs are incredibly popular in the gaming world because they can circumvent region blocking and unlock worldwide games. Japan is no exception. You can select a Japanese VPN server and play some Japan-only titles.

You’ll have the added benefit of DDoS protection and enhanced multiplayer performance. Don’t forget to keep your smartphone handy, so you can translate Japanese. Google Translate can now scan the screen, so you can see the text in real-time!

Without further ado, here are five Japanese gems you have to try now!

1. Persona 5

Since 1996, the Persona series has dazzled Japanese fans. It’s the best-kept secret for western gamers, though. The latest addition, Persona 5 Scramble, is a real blast.


You play as a character known as Joker. During the day, he’s your average student. At night he transforms into a masked vigilante. Via an entity known as Persona, the physical representation of the psyche, he combats other Personas to make criminals confess their crimes.

It’s super awesome and has been called one of the best RPGs of all time.

2. Go Home

Go Home is a free short game that truly embodies Japanese creativity. You play as Suzuki Mosaiko, a young girl trying to return home from a Japanese shrine. But you’re being chased by a murderous spirit, and you have to navigate teleportation portals to get back.

It’s not the most visually stunning game, but it’s free and from somebody who claims to be a virtual doll. Go Home is very unique, with traditional drums and gameplay that adds to the horror level.

Revel in all the unusual and hilarious ways to die.

3. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is another RPG game with a long history dating back to the SNES in 1993. It was one of the original Final Fantasy Alternatives. But there are plenty of unique twists.

To start, it uses a real-time battle system and feels more like an action game. You can immediately jump on enemies when you see them. It also was one of the first games to feature local co-op.

The story revolves around a boy who finds a magic sword to find the Mana magic power. It’s fun with nice visuals and a real twist on gaming.

4.Tales of Berseria 

Tales of Berseria enters you into a tale of revenge and questioning your drives. The main character, Velvet Crowe, is driven to seek vengeance when their older sister is lost.

She embarks on a journey to discover herself by joining a crew of pirates sailing across the sea. From here, the adventure kicks off. Similar to Secret of Mana, it also uses a real-time battle system that allows you to move around the battlefield and directly interact with allies and opponents during fights.

The anti-hero and beautiful art are what make this game so delightfully addictive.

5. Nier Automata

If you like Devil May Cry, then Neir: Automata may be perfect for you. The game revolves around an android battle and goals to reclaim post-apocalyptic earth overtaken by powerful aliens.

The human heroes are led by android soldiers sent out to destroy the invaders. It is fast-paced and includes exciting melee and ranged attacks and a truly epic soundtrack.

Best of all, the game has different endings depending on how you play, making it a true masterpiece.

5 Games to Get Asap

Honestly, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to awesome Japanese games. What about Zero Escape and Ni No Kuni? There are just so many incredible titles out there for you to explore.

Get started with these and get ready to enjoy these amazing gateway experiences into the world of Japanese video games.


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