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Atlus Teaser Site Might Reveal Persona 5

Person 5 Reveal

According to a post on Reddit, an Atlus teaser site slipped up and revealed Persona 5 early. The site is supposed to go live on November 24, but apparently displayed the image shown above for around a minute. If this turns out to be true, then it looks like MegaTen fans will be very happy when Persona 5  is released for the Playstation 3 next year. 

While I would love for this to be true, I have to remain skeptical. The Redditor that posted the image, Shojizu, is a new member, and this is their only submission so far. Not only that, but the site’s background is slightly different in color and theme than the one in the image. This is a minor difference, granted, but still worth noting. 

We’ll find out later this month when the site goes live, but this at least gives us MegaTen fans some hope, not to mention a reason to keep our Playstation 3. 

Stay tuned for possible updates. This could get labeled as false information. Let’s hope not. 


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