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Playstation Announces State of Play for 9/13/22 too

Playstation said “Big day tomorrow” to Nintendo America. I wondered what they were talking about! It turns out that there is a State of Play tomorrow too!! Whoa.


A State of Play has been announced by Playstation! It will tomorrow and feature PS4, PS5, and PSVR2 info. It will air at 5pm central…so away from the Nintendo Direct that also airs tomorrow.

Playstation even noted that it was a “Big day tomorrow” to Nintendo America. Whoa. You love to see it. Now if we could only get an Xbox Showcase tomorrow too than all the fans would be happy. And slightly confused.

So what games do we think will be shown during the State of Play tomorrow?! The upcoming God of War seems like a no brainer. Maybe we’ll get some other surprises too. In the last State of Play, we found out about the Cowabunga Collection! Who knows what this one will bring.

Playstation and Nintendo fans will be eating well tomorrow. What do you think about this State of Play? What do you hope to see?


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