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Metroid: Samus Returns Review-in-progress Part 4

In Part 1 of my review-in-progress of Samus Returns, I told about how this game compares to the original, in Part 2, I talked about how much harder the game was getting and discussed the graphics, and in Part 3, I talked about the game’s controls. And now in the final part of my review-in-progress, I’ll update you on my progress in the game and discuss its difficulty a bit more.


I’m getting pretty far into Metroid: Samus Returns. I know I’m getting further into this game then I ever got into the original . That doesn’t mean that Samus Returns is really easy, its not, but I do think its a bit easier than the original. Plus there are now youtube videos that can help me out when I get really stuck…

And I have gotten stuck in a few places. Though usually the solution to why I’m stuck is something so simple that I’m wondering why I didn’t figure that out! Of course, there was one time when I missed a powerup and finally found it thanks to an online walkthrough. In my opinion, we should never be afraid to admit when we need help in a video game. One area where I haven’t needed any help is with the Metroid boss fights.

I’ve beaten a lot of Metroids now and I have to admit I wish there was more variety in these Metroid’s forms. I feel like I’ve defeated several of the same Metroids over and over. Now I know that there are a lot of Metroids and it would be hard to make each and every Metroid different from each other! Even so, I wish some of the pattern movements were a bit different from each other. After you’ve fought a type of Metroid before, its a bit of chore sometimes to go through the motion of defeating that same type.

I’m not going to say that each of these same type of fights is easy. I’ve had to repeat some fights over and over even when I knew how to dodge the enemy. Its really all about what your power level is when you go into a Metroid fight. If you have most of your health, you’ll probably beat the Metroid. If you are a bit low, then the fight might be more difficult.

All and all, this new Metroid game is great. Is it perfect? No, there are some things that I think could be better. But this game is a lot better than some of the previous Metroid games. Samus Returns won’t beat Super Metroid out as best Metroid game, but if you are a fan of the series at all, you better pick up this game! You’ll be missing out big time if you don’t play it. Plus we want to let Nintendo know that we want more Metriod games like this!

I will have a review of Metroid: Samus Returns as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for more Metroid and Nintendo news and reviews.


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