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Metroid: Samus Returns Review-in-progress Part 1

I remember playing Metroid: Return of Samus on the Gameboy. I really liked it. My dad liked it too. He got pretty far into the game in fact. Fast forward to 2017. Metroid: Samus Returns is announced and we freak out. We love the franchise and a Return of Samus remake is a very cool thing indeed. Here are my impressions of the game so far!


I’m not going to lie: I was really excited to play Metroid: Samus Returns. I was counting the days till it showed up in my mail box. And when it finally did, I dug in and…

Metroid: Samus Returns is a really good game. It does remind me of Return of Samus for the Gameboy, but it also has things from other Metroid games like a map, weapons I don’t remember from the original game, new powers, and of course wonderful new graphics.

Samus Returns is, without a doubt, a modern game. Gone are the days of black and white, no maps, and getting extremely lost in a complex maze. Metroid: Samus Returns gives you more direction then previous Metroid games. That doesn’t mean that its easy, because it is most definitly not. Some of the enemies, especially Metroids, can be pretty tough.

However, this new Metroid does have saves all over the place, recharging stations, energy stations, and a retry button if you die. It also has transporters, so you can transport to an area you’ve visited before. That means a lot less backtracking then the older Metroid games. There will be some fans that do not like this modern changes. They may say it makes the game too easy.

And Metroid: Samus Returns may be much easier than those older games. I have had a tough time when some enemies but so far I am beating them in the end. I can’t say the same with some of the enemies in the original game. You have to take in consideration that I’m very early on in this new game though. Samus Returns could get much harder later on.

Personally, I don’t mind this game being easier. I’m having so much fun with it. I love that I’m actually able to get somewhere in a Metroid game. My retro Metroid skills are not that great. So I’m enjoying the pace of this game. I love exploring the caverns. I love how fast I’m getting some of the powerups. I can’t wait to see more of the new powers!

Metroid: Samus Returns is a really good so far. Tomorrow, I’ll update you on my progress in the game and talk about the game’s graphics a bit more!


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