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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Made Gamers Hungry for More FF Remakes

FF7 Remake continues to impress players with its Intermission expansion and many cannot wait for more DLCs and, of course, for Part 2 of the Remake. The Yuffie chapter is a true gaming gem, giving fans the opportunity to play a Final Fantasy title on 9th generation gaming environments.


Following FF7R’s success, players are now asking for more remakes, with the first in line being Final Fantasy 8. Twenty-three years after the original was released, the timing could not be better for Square Enix to begin developing and to release a Final Fantasy 8 Remake on the 25th anniversary of a game, which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy 8 is one of the most iconic and most profitable FF titles in the history of the series. Final Fantasy 8 is a timeless masterpiece, even though the graphics are outdated. If one were to compare its popularity to a casino game, then one would probably compare it with Microgaming’s popular Mega Moolah slot game, which has entertained online casino players for more than fifteen years.

These two games are so enjoyable that they keep players coming back for more, regardless if they have finished the game several times. If you have never played it and if you do not mind the pixels that come with a PSOne title, then you should definitely give the original Final Fantasy 8 a try.

A Chance to Revamp a Classic Before the FF Universe Moves on to New Things

The creators of Final Fantasy titles have left their mark in the history of gaming, creating a huge audience of loyal fans for the series. Nevertheless, many of these gaming geniuses feel the need to move on to different things. Before embarking on a new gaming journey, game producers like Hironobu Sakaguchi have a golden opportunity to use 9th generation gaming technology in order to recreate one or more Final Fantasy classics.

Whether Square decides to remake Final Fantasy V or another FF title is not as important as giving younger audiences the opportunity to experience the titles that made JRPGs what they are today.


A Phenomenon Going Beyond the Wide Borders of Gaming

Final Fantasy is not just a series of video games. The FF universe has inspired fashion, music and modern literature. From global Comic-Con and Cosplay conventions to the music used during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Final Fantasy has a way to inspire people more than any game in the history of the industry.

People from all over the world travel to Japan in order to play the real-world simulation of the Mako reactor escape, hair parlours get requests to recreate the hairstyles of FF heroes such as Cloud, Lightning or Tidus and clothing designers create clothes and accessories based on the outfits of characters like Tifa, Noctis or Garnet.

Is There Any Room for Cinematic Features in the Final Fantasy Franchise?

Apart from a couple of failed attempts to immerse in the world of cinematography via animated films, the Final Fantasy universe has not managed to convince international studios that its stories can be the building block of a movie franchise.

This is a little bit hard to understand, as gaming franchises with very limited storylines have seen success both on the big screen as well as on streaming services. Resident Evil, Monster Hunter World and Mortal Kombat movies are just examples of successful franchises deriving from video games and if these have managed to sell tickets at the box office, then Final Fantasy can definitely do the same.


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