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The main advantage of CS:GO over the legendary version 1.6

For over 20 years, fans of online shooters spend their free time playing the most popular game of the genre – Counter-Strike. During this period, a huge number of versions have appeared, namely:

  • 1.6;
  • Source;
  • Condition Zero;
  • Global Offensive,etc.


However, the most relevant to the target audience remains the first and last game on this list. Even though Valve switched to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive back in 2012, many users continue to play 1.6 among themselves.

Naturally, the trends in eSports lead to the fact that more and more players are seriously considering it the latest release of the cult game. More than 90% of the tournaments are held in the version CS: GO, and therefore the younger generation of gamers realize that this game is more promising for them.

The status of the official eSports discipline is not the only reason that most of the users are switching to the latest version of Counter-Strike. People like the opportunity to decorate the gameplay. Helping them to do this are skins. Thanks to them, players can decorate as modelling agents and a variety of weapons: from knives to sniper rifles.

Where can I buy and sell CSGO skins? To date, getting a new skin on your favourite weapon can be directly in the game, using the trading platform, or specialized sites. Each client, after moving to a new level in the game (a total of 40, then they are reset) receives a random item. This can be not only the skin but also a sticker, a case, etc. Immediately after that, it goes into the user’s inventory. If the player wants to sell the obtained skin, he must use the trading platform. In addition to performing various operations (purchase, sale), the player can find out the market value of a weapon.

The only significant disadvantage of the trading platform Steam is that the owner of the account can not withdraw the money received after the sale of skins. Therefore, experienced players are now using third-party resources for this operation. However, players need to choose proven projects that have enough positive feedback on the network.

The process of performing any trading operation is very simple. The user needs to perform the following set of actions:

  1. Choose one of the popular sites that offer customers to sell in-game items.
  2. Create an account on such a site. After this operation is done, bind the account from Steam.
  3. Select the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and put up for sale those items that are not planned to be used later by the gamer.
  4. Wait until the other user likes one of the skins. Confirm with him the fact of selling the item. If the operation was successful, the payment will be instantly transferred to the player’s account.
  5. The only thing left for him is to withdraw the profit in any convenient way. As a rule, sites for the sale of skins CS: GO offer 10-15 options for the withdrawal of profits.

Many players are worried that after selling skins, they may get skin blocked. However, this is not the case. Such operations are perceived by the system Steam, as the sale of items on the trading floor.

Of course, many players Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will not replace the atmosphere and emotions of the times when version 1.6 was popular. Some gamers believe that it was the skins that allowed the new game to become more popular on the eSports market.


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