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Best CS:GO teams in 2022

Esport is a pretty amazing , and when you imagine how much money there is involved, it’s even more fascinating to see how important wins and draws can really be. One place all esport fans continue to look are at the standings. How is my team doing?

How many points back are we from the league title, or how many points up are we from relegation? Standings are something all sports fans understand, whether you are enjoying a team sport or watching an individual sport. Yes, even golf has a leader board for the tournament season. One thing I’ve never really thought twice about was eSports leagues. To be honest, I thought teams played in one-off tournaments to win prizes. Apparently, there is an entire system, standings and all.

Some of the best CSGO teams of all times  are all ranked, allowing you to contrast your favourite CS:GO team with others around the world. ESL ranks all CS:GO teams and does so on specific criteria, outlined below:

“Our ranking was built to measure teams’ performances at tournaments first and foremost. It is not an ELO-based ranking dependant on the results of specific match-ups. In a nutshell, every relevant tournament in the planet that follows a rule set in line with the basic agreed rules of competitive CS:GO (i.e. 5on5, MR15, etc) and fair play, regardless of who organizes it, counts towards the ranking.”

Of course, different sites rank teams differently, so not everything is consistent much like it would be if you looked at English Premier League standings on BBC Sports or Sky Sports. For example, handles their rankings in this way:

This page presents the CS GO team ranking, which allows you to assess the strength of eSports rosters and their position in the professional arena. The ranking is based on statistics that takes into account wins and losses in competitions, as well as other factors that allow you to evaluate the performance of teams. The top teams include the strongest representatives of the pro scene, who regularly show high results, winning tournaments and getting the titles of the winners of the most prestigious championships. You can open this page at any time to see where your favourite CS team ranks, or to see the odds of winning the game. Now you have a handy tool at your fingertips, which will allow you to assess the balance of power and draw conclusions about which of your opponents has the advantage in the next match.



According to, the top ranked team in Counter Strike: Global Offensive is Astralis, with a total earnings over 8 million dollars earned between 518 wins and 236 losses. Pretty good numbers if you ask me. These sites are good for more than just standings. Being able to see how a team is performing is also helpful when making wagers, so keep your eyes on these lists if you plan to enter the world of eSports betting!


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