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Hello Engineer (Stadia)

Hello Engineer (Stadia)

Release: June 22, 2021
Publisher: tinyBuild
Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Genre: Articles, Genres, Simulation
PEGI: E10+


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Mr. Peterson is back! Running off the success of the hit Hello Neighbour that released in 2018, Hello Engineer launched on Google Stadia on June 22nd as a timed exclusive for users. Keep in mind this is an early access releases so issues and bugs are expected. In Hello Neighbour we had to escape a creepy house full of puzzles, what’s in store for us this time around? 


Hello Engineer takes place on an old abandoned amusement park that was built by the man himself, Mr.Peterson. Playing as a group of kids from Raven Brooks, they must use their special engineering skills to escape the creepy park. The world is filled with many things to do. Going around the park collecting scrap is key to building items of use to help the team escape. Hello Engineer lets users decide how to complete tasks. There is no right or wrong way to do something. Imagination is key!

The park still has that same creepy vibe that I got when playing Hello Neighbour. While playing, I did experience some freezing and glitches, but you get the warning before you start the game. The game seems interesting with many things to do, even building vehicles. When the game is polished I can’t wait to try multiplayer, completing tasks with friends and driving vehicles what more could you ask for. Right now it’s a bit of a mess, and definitely needs some patches and fixes. But there is a really good game buried beneath the issues, and if you can work through that, there is a good experience here waiting to be enjoyed.

For now, though, I would avoid this amusement park unless you really are dying to play. I will revisit this title later with a score once the cracks are repaired and things are considered sturdy once again!


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