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If You Build It: A Look At Chicken Wiggle For the 3DS

Chicken Wiggle will be coming out soon for the 3DS and the creators keep releasing new footage all the time. The latest footage comes in the form of two videos: one that shows off a level being created in the game and one that shows the level being played! Players will be able to create their own levels in Chicken Wiggle and these videos show off one type of level that can be created. Please check out the creation video and then we’ll talk about it. The same goes for the play video. Let’s take a look at Chicken Wiggle!

It looks like it’ll be very easy to create levels in Chicken Wiggle. A lot of tools are being provided to the players. We see a few examples in the video. You can create your own levels with enemies, obstacles, and an end goal.

The video shows a very small level being created but I’ve seen other videos where there were bigger levels. The best part is that you can upload your levels online and other people can play them!

The level created here is pretty straight forward, but still pretty neat. In the finished level, we see the enemies come to life and we see the player avoiding some dangerous obstacles. When the end goal is reached, the level is over.

Chicken Wiggle looks like it’ll have a ton of replay to it. With the regular mode, plus level creation and developer & player created levels, there will be so many much to play!

There is no release date for the game yet. We’ll keep you updated! Are you looking forward to Chicken Wiggle?


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