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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: Square Enix Brings The Guardians And Not Much Else

Going into the Square Enix E3 event, I had two things I really wanted to see: the rumored Guardians of the Galaxy game and some Japanese Square games. Well, we got both but…let’s get into the event in the article!


The rumored Guardians of the Galaxy game is real! Wow. And it looked awesome. I loved it so much. The graphics, the dialogue, the action, the adventure, THE SOUNDTRACK. I just want to play this game now.

After that reveal though…

Things started to go downhill.

Square Enix revealed that there will be a pixel remake of Final Fantasy 1-6…for Steam and mobile! NO Nintendo Switch?! WHAT?!

Actually the only mention of Switch in the entire event was Legend of Mana and I think the new The World Ends With You. Games we already know about. Nothing new for Switch was shown. I suppose Square Enix is saving that for the Nintendo Direct. I hope so. Maybe an FF collection will be there…sigh. We’ll see.

And the rest of the games shown were things we knew about mostly. I do like the look of Life is Strange: True Colors but they spent too much time on it. Heck, as much as I loved the Guardians reveal…they spent too much time on that. The Ubisoft curse returns.

Then there was the final reveal, Final Fantasy Origins. This game was rumored so it wasn’t a complete shock. Its an action FF game by Team Ninja. Not the Final Fantasy I was looking for…

Other than the Guardians of the Galaxy game, I was pretty disappointed by this event. I was hoping for some cool Japanese stuff like FF16 (a no-show), Dragon Quest HD-2D (nope), and that FF collection to be on the Switch (sigh). Also when you are following up on what Xbox just did…

Well, Square Enix will not be winning E3. UNLESS, of course, they reveal something awesome during the Nintendo Direct. But wouldn’t that count as Nintendo’s win? I think so.

Next: I’ll be back on Tuesday with my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I want that Guardians of the Galaxy game right this second!


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